Empty Sky

Medusa's Child

MEDUSA'S CHILD is Heavy / Power Metal band from Bern in Switzerland formed in 1999. […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
April 24, 2014
Medusa's Child - Empty Sky album cover

MEDUSA'S CHILD is Heavy / Power Metal band from Bern in Switzerland formed in 1999. They had released two albums; "Awake" in 2000 , "Immortal" in 2004, then "Damnatio Memoriae" was released in 2009. The new album "Empty Sky" will be released  on 16th May 2014.

The title track "Empty Sky" has Heavy Metal climate, great bass line, galloping riffs and excellent keys in the background. An impressive guitar solo, fine chorus and perfect connection of traditional NWOBHM and Power Metal. Nice is "Paradise Eternally" where low guitars, fast climate is similar like in SAXON, BLACK SABBATH or JUDAS PRIEST songs. Hear able is also a women's voice in the background. Such a powerful track! Gentle keys & Power Metal drums in a calmer climate, then a change into heavier guitars & rhythmic are in "Remember You", where also are brilliant solos, nice lyrics and catchy refrain singing in choir. Melodic, energetic guitars with fine keys in "Credi In Dio" show that band is in good form with pathetic refrain, Progressive change rate, and solos enticing goose-bumps. "My Inner Voice" is a track which is in two versions on the CD. First of them is a melodic & low guitars ballad in calmer style with perfection in every sound! The second one is a performance in acoustic version which show that the guys are really talented. I could to listen amazing voice of singer only with accompaniment acoustic guitar.

Also interesting are, the amazing "Nevermore" with JUDAS PRIEST influences, "Seeds I Sow" with low tuned guitars, modern riffs, a strong voice, and keys like in DEEP PURPLE. "Turn Back The Time" has melodic keys and a power climate in STRATOVARIUS' style. Brilliant sounds with a ballad intro & Power Metal climate in "Slave Of Memory" and "Beethoven's Kiss" where guys in, an unbelievable way, mix Metal with Classical music.

This MEDUSA'S CHILD album is just excellent. Production is on high level. Experience of the band is hear able in each sound, the same in the ballad like in a power track. Every song is different, here you can't find any scheme. They play with passion and happiness. It's so nice to feel music which is playing sincere from the heart, and be inside beautiful world of Heavy and Power Metal. I can recommend this album to every fan of Heavy Metal with Power and melodic echoes.


10 / 10


"Empty Sky" Track-listing:

1. Ipocrisia
2. Empty Sky
3. Remember You
4. Seeds I Sow
5. Credi In Dio
6. My Inner Voice
7. Slave Of Memory
8. Paradise Eternally
9. Turn Back The Time
10. Nevermore
11. Beethoven's Kiss
12. My Inner Voice Accoustic (Bonustrack)

Medusa's Child Lineup:

Crow - Vocals/ Backing Vocals
Toni Bettschen - Guitars
Cyrill Probst - Guitars
Markus Moser - Bass
Adrian Jüsy - Drums

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