Mechanical Parts Inside

MECHANICAL PARTS INSIDE is a Greek Rock band fronted by Christina Kroustali, previously known as […]
By Tuoksu Holopainen
July 1, 2013
Mechanical Parts Inside - Unreal album cover

MECHANICAL PARTS INSIDE is a Greek Rock band fronted by Christina Kroustali, previously known as Lady of Carnage from DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS, one of my favorite Darkwave projects, which was sadly disbanded.  If you were already familiar with Lady of Carnage, prepare yourself to hear some different and more versatile stuff with this new project.

I simply cannot classify their music within a certain genre. Gothic is the first description that came to my mind the first time I heard their sound which is not actually heavy. It's rather Rock than Metal, with a Goth vibe and electronic elements, capturing both softness and gloominess of both genres, and it gets heavier as you go through the album. It's actually very atmospheric and not too guitar-driven. All focus seems to be put on the vocals. Kroustali's versatile and powerful voice flawlessly captures are the required emotions for each track, creating a special atmosphere for each, along with the guitars and keyboards of course, which are more like a mere background for her vocals. Most tracks are quite short and down-to-earth, giving a relaxed feeling to the album and making it more listenable. The title track "Unreal" and "Walking Dead" are the most interesting in my opinion. The whole album is very mellow and enjoyable though.

Well, for a debut album and for a genre that I'm not really into, I must say this is a great start. The album is digitally available on their website. Check it out! 

7 / 10


"Unreal" Track-listing:

1. Human 2.0
2. Starlight
3. Just a Ride
4. Advent
5. Canterville
6. Unreal
7. Lost and Found
8. Upside Down
9. Walking Dead
10.The Fall

Mechanical Parts Inside Lineup:

Christina Kroustali - Vocals
Alex Arnaoutoglou - Guitars
Yiannis Kostarikas - Keyboards
Dimitris Kostarikas - Drums
Panos Episkopou - Bass

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