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Formed by SILHOUETTE guitarist Daniël van der Weijde a.k.a. Daniël Meadows, together with bandmembers from […]
By Liam True
January 18, 2021
Meadows - Modern Emotions album cover

Formed by SILHOUETTE guitarist Daniël van der Weijde a.k.a. Daniël Meadows, together with bandmembers from SILHOUETTE, INCIDENSE, and ex-COPPERSKY; Jurjen Bergsma, Peter Meijer, Rob van Nieuwenhuijzen, and Jeffrey van Driest, MEADOWS is a Prog Rock band from the Netherlands of all places for Prog Rock to come out of. After the first three years of writing and composing their debut album "Modern Emotions" it has finally been released to the public eye. Offering modern Prog sounds that mix influences from groups such as DREAM THEATER, PORCUPINE TREE, and HAKEN above all.

The opener "Dance With The Corpse Bride" starts with an atmospheric background and then leaves room for a pleasant dreamy guitar arpeggio, on which the electric guitar and a soft rhythmic session are inserted. After the first half softer, with a sudden change the second part is at times heavier and more metallic. The melodic layers of piano and violin interact best with the rhythmic structure, a good start that immediately plunges us into the Prog atmospheres of the album, but the noodling of the guitars does get a little boring after a while, which is a common theme in this album, but I digress.

The title track "Modern Emotions" features heavy electric guitar riffs and a powerful and upbeat rhythm session, showing the band's heavier streak. The tempo changes are well structured and the soft and harmonious vocals of Peter Meijer us pleasantly through the verses of the song and is best suited to the various passages. Ever-changing, a fine blend of power and symphony is overall a very inspired and profound track.

"Nostalgia" is softer with an acoustic guitar arpeggio and a soft and sometimes choral vocal, with a light rhythmic session. A well-made Prog Rock track, with all the features that the listener expects, while the intensity increases with the passing of the minutes. In the finale, a guitar solo brings the sound to a high level, and then returns to the singing that closes with the last verse.

"Good Times" is another softer passage, made up of arpeggiated layers of guitar and a soft and melodic vocal, always deep and expressive. Closer to the song, but with those elaborate cues that make it a soft but interesting track, while in the second part it becomes more elaborate and with a fine guitar solo. The calm returns and with the last vocal verse that brings the tones back to tranquility the track ends.

"The Void" is a short passage of just over 1 minute, featuring an atmospheric guitar arpeggio.  "The Brave" which is also the longest track, closes the album and sees Richard Henshall from HAKEN as a guest in the guitar solo. After an intro of about a minute, a Prog theme develops with the pulled rhythm session and the leading guitar with virtuous inserts. Here too the tempo changes and the intense vocal are an added value, while a song is developed halfway between Prog Rock and Prog Metal, managing to mix the two genres with a personal touch. A powerful ending to an otherwise decent debut album.

On times the record does seem to drag with all the noodling going on with the band as it seems to start great and end up veering off into nothing and being somewhat of a dampener, which is a shame because the album is great when the band all play in succession. Other than that, it's pretty mind numbing. I'm not into all the art and structure of a song bending the cosmos, but if you're into your guitar virtuoso's, then MEADOWS is right up your alley. Not mine unfortunately. And a real drummer and not a machine would give it a bit more edge.

5 / 10









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"Modern Emotions" Track-listing:

1. Dance With The Corpse Bride
2. Modern Emotions
3. Nostalgia
4. Rebecca
5. Powerture
6. Good Times
7. The Void
8. The Bravev

Meadows Lineup:

Peter Meijer: Vocals
Daniël van der Weijde: Guitar
Jurjen Bergsma: Bass

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