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Japanese Metal bands - well, most of them actually - had the tension to draw […]
By Grigoris Chronis
March 28, 2007
Maverick - Maverick album cover

Japanese Metal bands - well, most of them actually - had the tension to draw their inspiration mostly from the European Metal styles rather than the American. These warriors - for the first time 'reaching' my ears - carry on this tradition and - even if the more things change the more they stay the same - Maverick has the potential to please fans of the sound described below (if the album is properly circulated outta the Land of the Rising Sun).
1992 was a crucial year for Metal music. DREAM THEATER let loose their Images And Words opus, Ronnie James Dio re-joins BLACK SABBATH in Dehumanizer, PANTERA get known worldwide with the release of Vulgar Display Of Power and MAVERICK is born from the ashes (or reincarnation) of 80s Power Metal act WARHELL. So-far deeds of the band summed it up to only three demo sessions, but - as I had the chance to read - the band saw lack of luck plus numerous lineup changes. Hence, it was not until late 2004 that MAVERICK exposed themselves through their participation at a Remedy Records' tribute album to RUNNING WILD called The Revivalry (performing Blazon Stone). 2005 was the time - finally - for the debut MAVERICK release.
Maverick - produced by Fuyuhiko Inui (SOLITUDE, DAY AFTER TOMORROW) is good. The tracklist sees songs strongly influenced from the European Heavy/Power Metal sound. Bands like ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN, RUNNING WILD, JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR and (early) EUROPE seems to be the major well of ideas for MAVERICK. Luckily enough, the band does not fall in the trap of regenerating the current 'happy Metal' cliches. Hence, there's a good amount of mysticism and frozen atmosphere in the album, the double-bass drumming parts are heard only when needed and - most of all - the audition rolls out rather smooth (without getting tired). The vocals' work is also notable, since Hotta deals with passion, melody and fury in the desirable portions.
The band sees a god deal of personality - their country of origin supports this fact - and Maverick will be a good company for fans of the European Heavy/Power Metal sound; let's try something different, huh?
P.S.: What a nice 'Metal' cover...

7 / 10


"Maverick" Track-listing:

The Awakening
Black Leather Man
Hammer Blood
Let There Be Light
Son Of Wonder
Endless Smile
Make My Stand
Gone Are The Days
Unfolds The Way
In A State Of Nature

Maverick Lineup:

Katsuhiko Hotta - Vocals
Mitsuru Yasuda  - Guitar, Vocals
Masaru Hasegawa - Bass, Vocals
Noriyasu Kiya - Guitar, Vocals
Jun Nakatsubo - Drums, Vocals

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