Back To The Bullet (Reissue)

Mat Sinner

Just a reminder of a continuous legacy of one of the toughest German Metal artists, […]
July 1, 2013
Mat Sinner - Back To The Bullet (Reissue) album cover

Just a reminder of a continuous legacy of one of the toughest German Metal artists, though this recap also got me a bit puzzled, even back in the day when listening to its original form, before tripping upon this reissue. Mat Sinner, the aka of Matthias Lasch, has been around since the late 70s, forming a band under his own last nickname, SINNER, producing a form of Hard Rock conspiring to become strong Metal, as proclaimed by other soon to be titan Heavy Metal acts as ACCEPT or GRAVE DIGGER back in the day. Being constantly active throughout the 80s with SINNER, while also taking the reins of studio productions as a prominent producer, Sinner wrote a list of Hard N' Heavy songs, following both German and American characteristics, and implemented them under his own name as a solo album named "Back To The Bullet", originally released in 1990. In overall, the entire lineup consisted of SINNER members. In the future, several of them became members of his other lucrative projects such as PRIMAL FEAR and VOODOO CIRCLE. AFM Records decided to reissue Sinner's only sole solo release maybe to mark what will be next in line, perhaps a second release in the far horizon.

As I mentioned earlier, Sinner's decision to tap this solo cork seemed quite odd to me. SINNER's material back in the day was quite heavy but always reserved a soft spot to paying tribute to cool 80s Hard Rockin' lashes and whacks. Furthermore, Sinner has always been a dominant figure when it comes to writing material, so enlisting this picked eleven tracks seemed doubtful, yet at least those efforts were more or less duly reserved. Catchiness is the name of the game within "Back To The Bullet", ample elasticity, if you can really calling it like that, but in comparison to the tougher SINNER material, these songs are easy going and lenient spots. Even Sinner's voice is a little less jagged than before, though still maintaining his figure as Germany's hard-hitting guy. Another fine aspect of this release is its melodic character and appealing cadences. There is a nice use of Keyboards, chopping rhythm guitars riffs added by the usual lead guitar squeals, classy soloing, chorus induced harmonies, finding the barrier between Rock and Metal. However, I have to admit that a number of those main riffs seemed like copies out of other classic songs of the early decade, I recognized stuff out of ACCEPT, KISS, RATT, VAN HALEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTLEY CRUE and others. Being influential or not, it was way too evident at times. Nonetheless, when Sinner trips with those fine Teutonic Metal anthems, these compositions seemed to fit nicely, therefore it is hard to resent the efforts.

"Tear Down the Wall", "Back To The Bullet", "Every Second Counts" and "Down Under Cover" reminded me why I have been enjoying German Metal so much. "Tear Down the Wall" is such a fine unison between Metal and Hard Rock, so formidable slicer, captivating chorus escalating this wonderful number into hall of fame, solo charging as usual for this guy's material, followed by a MAIDENish harmony. Damn this is good. "Back To The Bullet" is a simple icon, and for every will remain the fast track, meek and to the point punching Metal. Others endorse the rest of this album's vision, even the nice power ballad of "Call My Name", which seemed like a solid exertion. As I stated earlier in the first paragraph, just a reminder of an ongoing legacy, far from original but made with quality and by good hands.

7 / 10


"Back To The Bullet (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Back To The Bullet
2. Tear Down the Wall
3. Every Second Counts
4. Call My Name
5. Crazy Horses (The Osmonds cover)
6. In the Name of Rock'n'Roll
7. Wildest Dreams
8. Down Under Cover
9. Face to Face
10. Crying in the Wires
11. She's Got The Lock

Mat Sinner Lineup:

Mat Sinner - Vocals / Bass
Tom Naumann - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Alex Beyrodt - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Tommy Geiger - Keyboards
Tommy Resch - Drums

Albert Boekhold - Keyboards
Max Werner - Backing Vocals
Matthias "Matz" Ulmer - Keyboards
Bernie Van Der Graaf - Drums

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