Collection Of Souls


I remember like it was yesterday the first time I heard Collection Of Souls back […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 27, 2009
Master - Collection Of Souls album cover

I remember like it was yesterday the first time I heard Collection Of Souls back in 1993. Having read many things about MASTER and that they had influenced a lot of Death Metal bands the truth is that my first impressions were negative. I expected more brutal things and that rock n' roll, dirty approach of the band sounded strange to my ears. But after some listening finally Collection Of Souls written its own page in my heart and not only that but in the end I became a lunatic follower of the band.
The base of MASTER was in Chicago; a place that in the middle of the 80s had an intense activity of a scene that included bands like TERMINAL DEATH, DEVASTATION ( I'm talking about the fantastic A Creation Of Ripping Death demo), the mighty MACABRE and of course the Speckmann's legion. During 1985 they recorded some tracks for a forthcoming album that unfortunately never saw the light of the sun. Those songs were spread in the underground via tape trading and it will be not an exaggeration to say that not only influenced a lot of people but they created a cult status considering MASTER as one of the very first Death Metal bands. These recordings became official in the summer of 2003 as Unreleased 1985 Album out via From Beyond Records and if you don't have any previous experience with the band it is highly recommended.
The 90s seemed to be luckier for MASTER. Contract with Nuclear Blast, release of two albums, Master and On The Seventh Day God CreatedÂ... Master and in the 1993 the release of Collection Of Souls that probably gained the least appreciation. But I consider and I hope that this re-release will bring justice. The third album as I mentioned before has a more in your face attitude, maybe the THIN LIZZY cover on Jailbreak can give a sign but not only the quality is the same with the previous two but also the sound is much better. More bass-y, more natural, Collection Of Souls includes a puff of power, passion and devotion to music.
All the songs here are very good, the Jeff Kobie's work in solos is more than satisfactory while the Aaron Nickeas drumming is really amazing and dynamic, at least for my taste. It is simple but deeply solid and adds an amazing heavy fragment to all the musical totality. In composition theme the work that has been done is good, the songs are hitting to the point and tracks like Taste Of Insanity will be appreciated by friends of OBITUARY for example.
The whole package includes more surprises. The Final Word demo of 1995 is a three song effort of the band to find a new record company after Nuclear Blast. The music here is pure enjoyment and same goes to the other three ones that were in their side of the split Cast In Stone with EXCISION in 1996. The Speckmann's voice has a more Cronos timbre, the guitar that is played by Bryan Brady is as dirty as a bog and the drumming that in these bonus tracks is done by Sage Johnson is cool. The booklet also has a very good and in depth interview with the master Paul Speckmann tracing of what was going on back then in that period of time. 100 per cent worth the money release even if you have the original vinyl.

8 / 10


"Collection Of Souls" Track-listing:

Constant Reminders
Taste Of Insanity
Hidden Stories
Glorify The Dead
Blinded Faith
Justice Of Fate
Collection Of Souls
Silver Spoon
Where Are You Now?
Final Word
Prepare For The Fall
Cast The First Stone

Master Lineup:

Paul Speckmann - Vocals, Bass
Jeff Kobie - Rhythm, Lead Guitars
Brian (Einstein) Brady - Rhythm Guitars
Aaron Nickeas - Drums

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