Color Blind

Massive Scar Era

MASSIVE SCAR ERA are a Canadian-Egyptian group formed in 2005. Their sound combines elements of […]
By Erik Aikos
November 21, 2018
Massive Scar Era - Color Blind album cover

MASSIVE SCAR ERA are a Canadian-Egyptian group formed in 2005. Their sound combines elements of Metal, Post-Hardcore and Egyptian Folk music, which is something I've never had the pleasure of experiencing. And oh my, what pleasure it is. this album is a complete masterpiece. Before I got the info on this record and just started streaming it on Spotify, I actually thought this was going to be something Japanese or Chinese, because that instrument in the beginning of "Color Blind" really reminded me of a Koto (traditional Japanese instrument). But now I'd wager it's something Egyptian.

Speaking of Egyptian, one of the strongest aspects of this short EP is that the members (or some of them, at least) pay tribute to their heritage and include some instrumentals here and there to add to the atmosphere. But it never becomes genuine Folk Metal. My favorite inclusion would probably be the strings in the song "Unfollow", but the aforementioned intro to the title track is also phenomenal. The melodies are another strong point, mostly thanks to the beautiful vocal performance of Cherine Amr who delivers the choruses so amazingly words cannot do it justice. The only weak point that I didn't like was the production.

Although that breakdown effect in "Oblivious" is pretty cool, I thought the mix was a bit too rough for my taste, but that's basically everything negative I have to say about this thing. Oh, and another thing; usually, I think bands make their albums too long and lack the talent to make a record of that length interesting enough, but in this case, I just wish it would have been 2-3 tracks longer. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to this album, it will be one of the best musical 15 minutes of your life.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Color Blind" Track-listing:

1. Color Blind
2. Unfollow
3. Interlude
4. Oblivious
5. Rogue

Massive Scar Era Lineup:

Cherine Amr - Vocals, Guitars
Nancy Mounir - Violins
Dylan Wijdenes-Charles - Bass
Danny Sever - Drums

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