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Cancer Vulgaris

Massive Audio Nerve

So M.A.N. decided to change their name to the more impressive MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE. Cool! […]
By Spyros Stasis
July 11, 2013
Massive Audio Nerve - Cancer Vulgaris album cover

So M.A.N. decided to change their name to the more impressive MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE. Cool! The band from Gothenburg featuring Tony jelencovich (or Tony JJ of TRANSPORT LEAGUE and ex-MNEMIC touring vocalist) releases their newest effort entitled "Cancer Vulgaris". What you have probably heard about the metal/hardcore/progressive band for is their use of the Full Scale Quarter Tone System, a new system that they have adapted in their songwriting. The basic idea behind it is that instead of 12 semi tones, they use 24-quarter semi tones. But enough with that let us move to the actual music now.

MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE bring together the ferocity of hardcore, the metalcore energy and on top of that a healthy bit of the nu metal groove with progressive extensions similar to Djent acts. With the music varying a fair bit and the vocal performance altering throughout the album, from melodic bits (and no they do not sound gay), to Hardcore screams and then to growls the album offers a nice mixture of modern extreme music.

Key to this album is the groove obviously. That becomes quite apparent from the opening track of the album with "Crysoync" and its schizophrenic bends, with the unbelievable groove that is making you want to be in constant motion while listening to the album. What you obviously cannot miss are the excellent heavy guitars, presented in a great way in "Lights Out" with a big dose of melody to them, and the kick-ass bass, for instance in the start of "Manslaughter" making the whole track bounce out of control and the short guitar leads adapting nicely to the song.

The cool intro of "Scythe" takes over with a scream coming in out of nowhere to signal the start of the assault, with the heavy rhythm destroying everything in its path. Continuing on a different path, "This Generation" is much more aggressive while the way the vocals are delivered in parts definitely sound reminiscent of the nu metal of the 90s, in the same vein is the following song "Grace of Time", but with a monstrous amount of bass applied.

And MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE continue pummeling down. In "3 Quarters" the band build up their groove in an excellent way, and adding guitar solos to make the experience sound more impressive, while in "Young Insect" they are aided by the use of cool effects to further enhance their sound. On the other hand, the band manages to build and maintain a sickening sensation in "Underhanded Brother" with the groove of the song making the listener feel uneasy with its intoxicating moving arrangements.

Still MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE in the last three songs unleash their full potential. With "Death Song" having some of the best melodic moments of the album, "Hoax" releasing all the ferocity of the band, probably being the most aggressive track of "Cancer Vulgaris" (also featuring death metal growls) and the closing track "Slumcult" reveals, in all its glory, the ability of the band to build grooves of epic proportions.

If you were put off by the mention of nu metal as one of the band's influence, don't. MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE is a band that has many layers and it would be unfair towards them if they were to be pigeonholed. Nevertheless, "Cancer Vulgaris" is an album that should definitely attract your attention if your interest lies within the hardcore/metalcore scene and your favorite bands incorporate progressive elements to their sound.

8 / 10


"Cancer Vulgaris" Track-listing:

1. Crysoync
2. Manslaughter
3. Lights Out
4. Scythe
5. This Generation
6. Grace of Time
7. 3 Quarter
8. Young Insect
9. Underhanded Brother
10. Death Song
11. Hoax
12. Slumcult

Massive Audio Nerve Lineup:

Tony JJ - Vocals
Rob Hakerno - Bass
Mark Black - Guitars
Adde Larsson - Drums

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