Into Eternity

Maryann Cotton

I should admit that the strong connection with the former members of KING DIAMOND and […]
By YngwieViking
December 11, 2015
Maryann Cotton - Into Eternity album cover

I should admit that the strong connection with the former members of KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE was my first attract to catch back then the silver platter titled "Free Falling Angels" (Pure Steel Records 2012) the debut album by the self proclaimed 'Prince of shock-rock'...The one and only Maryann Cotton (named after the famous Great Britain's first serial killer)...MARYANN COTTON is the moniker of this Danish-American combo but as well as the artist nickname of the frontman/singer/songwriter, Maryann Cotton,  aka Jackie Patino, the son of none other than the widely respected bassist Hal Patino former PRETTY MAIDS/FORCE OF EVIL/MALTESE FALCON/=Y= and of course famed for his work with KING DIAMOND. Both are playing with band on stage and both are the only remaining members of the early line-up, with also survivor guitarist Sebastian Sly, the band acting now as a quartet!

On Friday, November 13, 2015, the new ten tracks album entitled "Into Eternity" was released worldwide by the German label 7Hard Records , just in time for your teenage Halloween party! I still think that "Free Falling Angels" was much better! While listening to this 2nd album you can't help but notice the (too) numerous similarities between their sound and the legendary Alice Cooper or the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars era...And also a few obvious Glam-Rock influences mixed with early Hair-Metal from glorious Sunset Blvd era...Expanding from his Hard Rock roots, the new album is more set in a theatrical experimental with ten short stories inspired both by Broadway and the infamous Hammer classic horror films!

The crude reality is that if the songs aren't bad for sure there is also none a single trace of an outstanding highlight... Unluckily in our coherent world this "Into Eternity" is nothing more than a collecting dust item on a shelf... Another crude fact for the infinite!

5 / 10


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"Into Eternity" Track-listing:

1. What She Wants
2. Had Enough
3. My Gun
4. Hard Lost' N Fried
5. Gangland
6. When Tomorrow Comes
7. Keepers Of The Holy Grail
08. No Wish Upon No Star
09. Into Eternity
10. Death Is Beauty

Maryann Cotton Lineup:

Maryann Cotton - Vocal
Hal Patino - Bass
Sebastian Sly - Guitar
Shawn Kernon - Drums

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