See The Thunder


What's going on? We have been bombarded by melodic Rock releases lately. Cool! MARKONEE come […]
By Maria Kallinikou
November 17, 2009
Markonee - See The Thunder album cover

What's going on? We have been bombarded by melodic Rock releases lately. Cool! MARKONEE come from Italy and after their debut concept album The Spirit Of Radio this new release is making an enormous step forward. Why? The major reason is the production. Melodic Rock is one of the genres which don't allow mistakes in the production to be characterized as vintage and classic.

Hence, the band trusted the abilities of Beau Hill (WINGER, WARRANT, RATT, ALICE COOPER) - and why not?- and the result is taking your breath away. Turning now to the music, MARKONEE's influences are more than obvious in these 45 minutes of playtime. All the songs consist of bits and parts that revive WHITESNAKE, AC/DC, GUNS N' ROSES, WINGER and BON JOVI. It is a well-attended recipe and if the cook, apart from the ingredients, is an asset then one gets the result that this album offers. Pure 80's melodic Hard Rock at its best.

Way 2 Go makes the start and despite the fact that is not something new that you are listening, in the meaning that each song will remind you of something, it attracts the curiosity though, because of the melodies, the production and the vocals of Gabriele Gozzi. Women & Whiskey, with simple rhythmic parts, has something of GnR. The same titled song is the best of the album and it will stick in your mind even if you have forgotten the name of the band after a while. It is the first track that will truly attract the listener's attention with its heavy BON JOVI influences. Shore Of Another Sea follows the same directions with a great amount of sleazy material invested in it, bringing in mind late 80's WHITESNAKE. Big K and Back On Me move in the party mood with some obvious AC/DC lines, while Brand New Day could be characterized as a powerful ballad. The last two tracks do not impress me a lot; Cherry Blossom is a ballad that escapes the 80s and I Believe In Father Christmas sounds more progressive and follows a deviant path from the rest, not my thing, maybe yours though.

See The Thunder is more than a decent release, with lots of party tunes and body shakers. Gabriele Gozzi's vocals dress this album greatly, and with Beau Hill having this CD mastered, there is not much to add. MARKONEE invested in the great bands of the past and good for them as it appeared that they could get the best parts and turn them for their own benefit. Have a listen for yourselves and enjoy...

7 / 10


"See The Thunder" Track-listing:

Way 2 Go
Women & Whiskey
See The Thunder
Shore Of Another Sea
The Big K
The Cross Between The Lines
Brand New Day
Back On Me
I Believe In Father Christmas

Markonee Lineup:

Gabriele Gozzi - Vocals
Carlo Bevilacqua - Guitar
Stefano Peresson - Guitar, Keyboards
Luigi Frati - Bass
Ivano Zanotti - Drums

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