Reflections In A Rear View Mirror

Mark Slaughter

Do you remember the hit singles "Love Kills" or "Fly To The Angels", and this […]
By YngwieViking
March 29, 2015
Mark Slaughter - Reflections In A Rear View Mirror album cover

Do you remember the hit singles "Love Kills" or "Fly To The Angels", and this crystal clear upper voice, well, that was Mr. Mark Slaughter performing... You don't remember, I'll never forget! The Nevada born lead singer of the multi-platinum band SLAUGHTER and ex VINNIE VINCENT INVASION frontman was also part of the touring all star band SCRAP METAL (with Eric Martin from MR BIG/The NELSON brothers and NIGHT RANGER's Kelly Keagy) as singer/guitarist!

"Reflections In A Rear View Mirror" is produced by the legendary expert of the golden 80's sound Michael Wagener (SKID ROW/DOKKEN/STRYPER), the first solo album of Mark Slaughter contains 11 original tracks, the release date is set for May 22 through Escape Music... This is the first delivery of new music from the Slaughter camp since 1999 and the last album under the quite fitting title of "Back To Reality"... The band SLAUGHTER is still touring the US continent, 25 years after their big breakthrough!

Fully recorded by Mark himself with some additional help provided by some friends notably the drums tracks recorded by Mark Goodin!

Of course, and as expected Mark Slaughter has recorded some first class American Melodic Rock in the great and timeless tradition of the 80's era... His typical high pitch voice is still charming and his songwriting savoir-faire is still convincing, the style is obviously more mature than the famous Hair Metal anthem "Up All Night" but however the mood is still positive and the melodic hooks are everywhere.

As the title suggest, this is an homage to that iconic sound, that had leads Mark Slaughter and his band to rule the airwaves and to play the biggest stadiums in the late 80's, but not only, he isn't just playing with the passeist parameter here as this style has its roots anchored in the seventies and today the Rock Mainstream scene is still influenced by that sound, and "Reflections In A Rear View Mirror" is the sum of all those glorious period with the necessary Modern update, I think that, now it's going back full circle.

The opening "Away I Go" is a full throttle 70's Groovy Hard Rock song with a little MONTROSE twist while "Never Givin' Up" display the complete radio friendly arsenal with success... A real hit-single potential: A portion of the proceeds from the digital sale of this single was donated to the Red Circle Foundation, a non-profit organization providing immediate gap funding assistance to the families of U.S. Special Operations Forces. "The Real Thing" is also quite jubilant revealing another enthusiastic mood and a clear focus to enjoy a good slice of American Rock 'n' Roll.

''Baby Wants"or "Velcro Jesus" are also quite attractive and infectious with a feel good spirit and some adventurous arrangements! If, I'm not really convinced by the duet with Miss Gena Johnson on "Don't turn away" and the following cut "Somewhere Isn't Here"... The final track "Deep In Her Heart" revealing another interesting and unexpected side of Mark Slaughter's voice and creative style.

Anyway the whole is more than enjoyable, recommended for the veterans or the nostalgic Hair Metal survivors!

7 / 10


"Reflections In A Rear View Mirror" Track-listing:

1. Away I Go
2. Never Givin' Up
3. Miss Elainious
4. Carry Me Back Home
5. The Real Thing
6. Baby Wants
7. Don't Turn Away
8. Somewhere Isn't Here
9. In Circle Flight
10. Velcro Jesus
11. Deep In Her Heart

Mark Slaughter Lineup:

Mark Slaughter - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keys
Mark Goodin - Drums
Gena Johnson - Additional Vocals on "Don't turn away"
Bill Jordan - Guest Keyboards on "Don't turn away"

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