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A self released EP by virtuoso MARK MINER..hailing from California. wow cool. He cites his influences […]
By Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan
April 29, 2014
Mark Miner - Revision album cover

A self released EP by virtuoso MARK MINER..hailing from California. wow cool. He cites his influences as QUEENSRYCHE, VAN HALEN, SYMPHONY X amongst others and from the off I can see why.

Epica....."Arrival" synth overlays...create an ominous sense of, well 'Arrival' but of what? Aliens? Wait marching boots.....Nazi's? Some kind of battle will ensue...perhaps...civil war...? Wait, he creates and almost bagpipe overtone also...perhaps...some heritage in there, he does tout reddish hair..och the noo...! Either way...I think whatever was here by track 2... "Revision" lands...with another synth downward spiral and the riff is off....he can play that is for sure...and knows how to create and track...and it doesn't feel like he is wanking off for the sake of it...he has constructed songs...just without vocals...but some cool riffs and guitar work atop.....I guess it could be so easy to just go for overload guitar fretwork...displaying the 'look what I can do' ethos but Mark doesn't do's thought out and directed and fucking catchy too..."Ocean's End" sounds like it is gonna be pretty...and emotional and that it is...some lovely guitar phrasing to open and some nimble finger feels epic...smooth...clean and powerful...sit back and just let it flow....nice job and all very listenable.

Of course it is only and Ep and only 5 tracks and MARK is a guitarist as well as everything else it seems. lol So you could be forgiven for thinking, shit here we go...endless soloing...well yes he displays his skill but it is never boring. He has thorough knowledge about placement and structure and he knows how and where to put stuff. really... "Frozen" has a heavy beat....nice harmony...and is begging for a great vocal. I so wanted to just grab a pen start writing and singing, cool track...and the middle section is...all things cool with a great solo......And so finally, "Finally"....ballard-esque, and layering several guitar skills...just cool feel...with an epic mid section build to its colourful high notes...

Lots of comparisons are to be seen within  these is a journey you feel you are speaks without words...and that is so cool...a solo work from a guitarist while seeming impressive can so easily leave you bored or emotionless unless you are a budding guitarist and wanna indulge...but Mark never lets technique over rule substance feels totally directed...and the result...a really cool piece of work...very enjoyable...he should be in one of those bands not citing them as influential.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Revision" Track-listing:

1. Arrival
2. Revision
3. Ocean's End
4. Frozen
5. Finally

Mark Miner Lineup:

Mark D. Miner  - All guitars, bass*, keyboards/synth, and drum programming
Micah Hughes: bass on "Arrival" and "Finally"

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