Legend Of Valley Doom - Part 2

Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MARIUS DANIELSEN'S LEGEND OF VALLEY […]
December 29, 2018
Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom - Legend Of Valley Doom - Part 2 album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MARIUS DANIELSEN'S LEGEND OF VALLEY DOOM; hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Symphonic Power Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "Legend Of Valley Doom - Part 2" (released November 30th, 2018).

Since formation in 2005; the band in question have 2 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 2nd album entitled: "Legend Of Valley Doom - Part 2". 14 tracks ranging at around 01:11:52; MARIUS DANIELSEN'S LEGEND OF VALLEY DOOM arranges an intricately designed formula of Symphonic Power Metal developments. The anthemic ballad: "King Thorgan's Hymn" begins the record; conveying as an operatic battle hymn as if this was the opening to a show similar to that of VIKINGS or the infamous film trilogy THE HOBBIT or THE LORD OF THE RINGS, a 3.36 introduction of gloriously conceptual harmonies and enchanting orchestrations. This here band seems to unite a vastly versatile utility of members from various artists; which I found to be quite the astonishing feat, recruiting up to 48 soldiers is indeed impressive.

Consisting of brain chid mastermind: Marius Danielsen himself; on vocals (who demonstrates diligently high-pitched pipes of profusely robust power & proficiency), the Heavy Metal guitar (who distributes concretely gritty designs of meticulous rhythms that chug and gallop with chaotic mayhem in mind), an audibly artistic bass deliverence and finally the choir aesthetic (which is what this record is mostly based on). Songs like "Rise Of The Dark Empire" consistently create constructively distinguished diversity, engaging on captivating elements like flamboyantly composed bounciness and boistrously fabricated crunchiness - amalgamating adroitly dynamic vehemence & variety. The stunning Anniken Rasmussen also contributes elegantly exquisite singing that flairs with passion, prodegious persistence & solid skill - also on the pummelling bass.

"Gates of Eunomia" is another short, spoken word interlude in which manifests with mature storytelling seamlessness and salubrious systematics of slow-paced experimemtation. Peter Danielsen (of the 3 main members) excels with killer keyboardist juxtapositions; as "Tower of Knowledge" embellishes on euphonic distinctions of progressively, primitive technicalities – fluid firepower & polished sound production expertise. "Visions Of The Night" is a fun, catchy ride - riveting with groovy stampedes of rampaging thunder. Attributing organic substance; rapidly swift nimbleness and thumpy jumpiness of sweet, speedy stomps. "Crystal Mountains" organizes with originally memorable melodies of methodical, punctilious results - an electrically energetic track.

"By the Dragon's Breath" implements uniquely unprecedented sharpness, rambunctious barrages of frenzied hybrids and inventively charged efficaciousness in which converges remarkable shines as this maestro of performers prominently dominates with exquisitely fuelled executions. "Under The Silver Moon" forges a borderline foundation of epitome narratives, mid-tempo riffs and solos and punchline subjugations of sing-song specialities - enjoyably fulfilling entertainment here, hardened with hasty instrumentation & incredible musicianship. You have Jeniffer Batton from MICHAEL JACKSON; the virtuoso guitar player on board, must have been a task and a half to acquire her legendary status. I would be here all day mentioning all these guests musicians, yet it is still admirably commendable and exceedingly amazing though.

"Angel Of Light" advances this story-driven drive; showcasing more marvellous renditions of remedy and imagination, fusing fashionable flute playing; pipes (not just vocally), harmonious keyboard symphonics; savagely sinister double, drum-kick pedals and unrelenting guitar hooks in which grab you by the balls while culminated with gusto and exhuberance. "Princess Lariana's Forest" establishes complex dexterity with efficiently entertaining enjoyability, meaty weight and melancholic tales. This is a long record, yet the talent is splendidly rewarding. "Temple Of The Ancient God" continues the artistic wave of wildly rushing significance that batters with hammering stability and sonically powerful strength that will generate goosebumps in no time, and this finalizes this dramatic story of dragons; evil, bludgeoning and united victories.

Overall concluding "Legend Of Valley Doom - Part 2" with "We Stand Together"; I discovered a behemoth of a record that exceeded all original expectations greatly, this is Symphonic Power Metal done extremely well and has been crafted with grace; quality, and near perfection - this grandure prodigy of musicality is astounding, and MARIUS DANIELSEN'S LEGEND OF VALLEY DOOM certainly outdone themselves here - wonderful stuff!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Legend Of Valley Doom - Part 2" Track-listing:

1. King Thorgan's Hymn
2. Rise of the Dark Empire
3. Gates of Eunomia
4. Tower of Knowledge
5. Visions of the Night
6. Crystal Mountains
7. By the Dragon's Breath
8. Under the Silver Moon
9. Angel of Light
10. Princess Lariana's Forest
11. Temple of the Ancient God
12. We Stand Together
13. Tower of Knowledge (Vinny Appice Version / CD-BONUSTRACK)
14. Crystal Mountains (Vinny Appice Version / VINYL-BONUSTRACK)

Marius Danielsen's Legend Of Valley Doom Lineup:

Michael Kiske (Helloween, Avantasia, Unisonic)
Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-Judas Priest, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen)
Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden, Wolvesbane)
Olaf Hayer (ex-Luca Turilli, Symphonity)
Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, ex-Vision Divine)
Daniel Heiman (ex-Lost Horizon, Harmony)
Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Royal Hunt)
Alessio Garavello (ex-Power Quest, A New Tomorrow)
Mathias Blad (Falconer)
Jan Thore Grefstad (Highland Glory, Saint Deamon)
Diego Valdez (Helker, Iron Mask)
Raphael Mendes (Urizen)
Per Johansson (Ureas)
Kai Somby (Intrigue)
Simon Byron (Sunset)
Anniken Rasmussen (Darkest Sins)
Peter Danielsen (Darkest Sins)
Marius Danielsen (Darkest Sins)

Bruce Kulick (ex-Kiss)
Matias Kupiainen (Stratovarius)
Jennifer Batten (ex-Michael Jackson)
Tom Naumann (Primal Fear)
Tracy G (ex-Dio)
Jens Ludwig (Edguy)
Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer)
Timo Somers (Delain)
Olivier Lapauze (Heavenly)
Luca Princiotta (Doro)
Andy Midgley (Neonfly)
Mike Campese
Billy Johnston (Beecake)
Sigurd Kårstad (Darkest Sins)
Marius Danielsen (Darkest Sins)

Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius, Masterplan)
Magnus Rosén (ex-HammerFall)
Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian)
Jonas Kuhlberg (Cain's Offering)
Giorgio Novarino (ex-Bejelit)
Rick Martin (Beecake)

Peter Danielsen (Darkest Sins)
Steve Williams (Power Quest)

Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind)
Vinny Appice / on bonus tracks (ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Dio, ex-Heaven and Hell)

Marius Danielsen (Darkest Sins)
Peter Danielsen (Darkest Sins)
Jan Thore Grefstad (Highland Glory, Saint Deamon)
Anniken Rasmussen (Darkest Sins)
Alessio Perardi (Airborn)

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