There's Hope

Marco Sfogli

Marco Sfogli is one of the newest guitar stars. Belonging to the Prog/shred genre, he […]
By Nikos Nezeritis
September 24, 2008
Marco Sfogli - There's Hope album cover

Marco Sfogli is one of the newest guitar stars. Belonging to the Prog/shred genre, he has recorded all the guitars for James LaBrie's first solo attempt as well as for Jordan Rudess's The Road Home. In his own words, he tried to make this very first fully instrumental solo record of his very melodic with the right amount of fire and I believe this goal was achieved.
Marco actually doesn't seem eager to sacrifice a beautiful,melodic part in order to put ten flashy chops one after the other and impress the listener. On the contrary,he is aiming at a balanced guitar oriented record, both with melodic tracks and as many tricks as the song needs.
As a result to that, the record flows perfectly well and doesn't tend to become any boring at all, combining Rock, progressive and modern fusion elements in order to deliver a varied result.The only thing one might complain about is that his style is pretty similar to the speed king John Petrucci's.
Yet, we should always take into account that there's no player without strong influences and, anyway, this fella's got a voice that should be heard.

7 / 10


"There's Hope" Track-listing:

Sill Hurts
There's Hope
Spread The Disease
Sunset Lights
Never Forgive Me
Texas BBQ

Marco Sfogli Lineup:

Marco Sfogli - Guitar
Alex Argento - Keyboards
Salvio Maiello - Drums
Andrea Casali - Bass

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