Live For Tomorrow

Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza has worked with over a dozen of projects since 1993, playing other peoples […]
By Yiannis Zervos
July 8, 2007
Marco Mendoza - Live For Tomorrow album cover

Marco Mendoza has worked with over a dozen of projects since 1993, playing other peoples songs, having a good time on stage, trying different styles of music from Hard Rock to Jazz; from John Sykes' BLUE MURDER , to David Coverdale's WHITESNAKE ,to THIN LIZZY and to Dolores O Riordan's new album Are You Listening?... But this is the first time he writes music, lyrics and sings his own stuff. It was about time!
The album opens with Not For Me, a little preview of what is coming. First time you listen to it you might ask yourself Is this Marco singing?? A unique voice, some people didn't like it, but I think they didn't really listen to. The album's self titled Live For Tomorrow song is next, that is the first single from the album; with wonderful melody that can stick too the head of any listener, destined to be a hit (Doug Aldridge - WHITESNAKE, DIO - is playing lead guitar here). The next is Lettin' Go; a great song too, from the same genre. This song could easily be in any of the 'second period' BON JOVI albums.
Things are about to get a little dirtier with Look Out For The Boys, which is the heaviest of the songs in the album, with a dirty riff (a little Still Of The Night kinda riff). A reference to John Sykes, maybe? Marco is screaming from the top of his voice. It is obvious that he is more comfortable in the higher notes. As he explained to our interview my main influence vocally is Stevie Wonder but from a rock n' roll point of view.
I think the next hit of the album is I Want You, with a very clear statement in the lyrics: I want you to want me the way I want you. Ritchie Kotzen is singing along here and they make an excellent backing vocals team. Another reference to WHITESNAKE is  Let The Sun Shine, with the chords change. I thought it was Love Ain't No Stranger but Marco develops this scale even farther (something he may got from the Jazz improvisations with his Trio). You Got Me is more steady rhythm ,mid-tempo and more 'southern', with Ted Nugent playing the solo to give this proper feeling. In My Face and Broken are the hardrockers you want to hear, and Tommy Aldridge (WHITESNAKE, THIN LIZZY) on the drums fits incredibly well, with the double bass drum and his powerful snare.
Time for relaxation has come with the bluesy ballad Still In Me, the kind of songs that AEROSMITH can make from scratch! Marco really nailed this one with all the falsettos he is performing. I bet his voice doesn't sound so bad now, huh? The album closes with the very emotional Dance With Me. Marco picked this in the interview with Metal Temple as the one he loves more off Live For Tomorrow. With only one classical guitar , his voice and a little bit of fretless bass work from Marco, that's just to give the taste of her lips while dancing. Great feeling...
The cover artwork is really beautiful, with a little girl (Marco's four year old daughter), bearing a look full of curiosity , on a red 6-string fretless bass. A Rock-art piece. As Marco Mendoza  said,  this is a reference to the 60's and 70's and to the famous BLIND FAITH's self titled album's cover, which was censored.
This album is all about love and rock n' roll. A perfect combination when it comes from people like Marco Mendoza. With his first solo work he impresses us the best possible way.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Live For Tomorrow" Track-listing:

Not For Me
Live For Tomorrow
Lettin' Go
Look Out For The Boys
I Want You
Your Touch
Let The Sun Shine
You Got Me
In My Face
Still In Me
Dance With Me

Marco Mendoza Lineup:

Marco Mendoza - Vocals, Bass
Ritchie Kotzen - Guitars , Backing Vocals
Steve Lukather - Lead Guitar on Live For Tomorrow
Ted Nugent - Guitar solo on You Got Me
Doug Aldrich - Lead Guitar on Your Touch
Tommy Aldridge - Drums
Brian Tichy - Drums
Steve Wiengart - Keyboards

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