Involuntary Organ Donor


MANGLED is a Death/Thrash Metal band, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Formed in 2011, […]
August 12, 2016
Mangled - Involuntary Organ Donor album cover

MANGLED is a Death/Thrash Metal band, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Formed in 2011, the band had previously released an independent demo, live album and EP. This is their second EP, and contains three tracks and a total running length of just over ten minutes. "They're Not Going to Stay Down There Anymore" leads off the EP. It's an interesting two-and-a-half minute track. There are no vocals except for a scream at the end and a voice asking "did everybody get scared?" at the end of the track. The instrumentation consists mostly of two easy-listening riffs done on the low E chord and at a mid-tempo pace. The title track, "Involuntary Organ Donor," allows you to take in some vocals. It's a little faster in pace and the vocals toggle between low growls and mid-range shouts/screams. Unfortunately they are a little drowned out by the volume of the other instruments. The riff is once again pretty straightforward and they haven't really dazzled the listener with much prowess.

"Butchery Loves Company" is the closing song. The opening riff dances around a bit, showing some more complexity, and it changes here and there to keep one main sound from becoming stale. It isn't overly exciting however. It's difficult to judge an album from three tracks, even an EP. In this case I found the EP to be a pretty run-of-the mill mix of Thrash and Death metal, certainly registering within the confines of the genre, but failing to offer anything original to this style of music, or even much variation from track to track. The heaviness and brutality are present, but that's about where it ends. I think they are hanging onto a tradition that I understand is very strong in the world of Heavy Metal music, paying ode to the classic bands that we all grew up with. But I would love to see them make their own original mark on the genre.

5 / 10









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"Involuntary Organ Donor" Track-listing:

1. They're Not Going to Stay Down There Anymore
2. Involuntary Organ Donor
3. Butchery Loves Company

Mangled Lineup:

Matt Moyer - Bass, Vocals
Joe Sweat - Drums
John Manger - Guitars
Ryan "Chen" - Vocals
Rafay Nabeel - Guitars

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