Sturdy As An Oak


If you have ever watched Highlander or movies where there are a bunch of warriors […]
By Sarah Chebaro
April 11, 2022
Mamorlis - Sturdy As An Oak album cover

If you have ever watched Highlander or movies where there are a bunch of warriors about to start the battle of their life MAMORLIS will make sure to create that exact image with their "Sturdy As An Oak" album. It's about folklore, knights and I can even add a tad bit of history (in a fantasy kind of way.) This album is MAMORLIS's second album that was released on March 8, 2022. When I first heard it I straight away thought there are influences from traditional metal and doom music such as DIO and IRON MAIDEN. Then I heard that splash of black metal, cooking up.

"Wolfric The Wild" is the first track on the album and one of the more powerful ones when it comes to the drums and guitar. Alex Noce's vocals gives a powerful intro with his opera like voice, which always seems to take you into battle. The best part of this track is how the guitar solo is actually divided up after the chorus into three parts. Each part is longer. This song is strategically written where it took me on a beautiful journey.

"Salamandastron" is the second track on the album. I personally was a bit confused with this song as the name sounded a bit peculiar. After understanding it, I would like to share that this is after a fantasy novel of the same name. The protagonist in the novel is a badger that goes to a volcano of the same name as the track.. This is where a "eureka" moment came to me and I realized that the song made more sense. There is an intense organ playing in the beginning of the song. A lot of sadness in it, but then a heavy drum beat kicks in. This song has a lot of bravery, war, betrayal and victory, in particular with the guitar solo.

I have saved the best for last, ironically it's also the last track on this album: "Journeys of Acquisition/Gor". This track has a Lord of the Rings feeling. It is a whole story in one song. The song starts of with an organ-like instrument, very dramatic yet peaceful leading you into something big. A drum and guitar kick in for just one beat and carry on a little as the organ playing intensifies. The sound almost has an oriental/folk space y feel to it. A fast cymbal with drums kicks in then a strong doom like guitar power chord really begins the song. Wow! I am telling you this song is really a masterpiece. The name of the track speaks for itself, a journey, with a battle zone. Part of the song also has a woman screaming in agony and some whipping sounds. When I first heard it I almost felt the pain,. The song ends with a peaceful classic guitar playing and a flute, with some chains being dragged along. Couldn't be any more dramatic than that.

Let's say the beast from within me as awaken after listening to "Sturdy As An Oak". I felt like I was victorious with every song after being sad, angry and betrayed. It is almost like I was living during Shakespearean times with a doom metal soundtrack playing in the background. Can't wait to see what MAMORLIS will so next!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Sturdy As An Oak" Track-listing:

1. Wolfric The Wild
2. Salamandastron
3. The Kurgan
4. Over The Border
5. The Glade
6. Journeys of Acquisition/Gor

Mamorlis Lineup:

Rooster - Guitar
Mat Madani - Guitar, classic guitar
Bian Rush - Bass
Alex Noce - Drums, keyboards, vocals

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