In The City

Mama Kin

As I've said before, every now and then I hear about a new band from […]
By Caterina Zoi
November 22, 2009
Mama Kin - In The City album cover

As I've said before, every now and then I hear about a new band from Sweden that plays Glam/Sleaze music and kicks ass and all this stuff...I can say I like it, cause this genre is something special. There were so many bands back in the 80s that kicked major ass and made many people love this music and I'm pretty happy cause there are still people that listen to it and support it. So in my opinion new blood can be beneficial in many ways.

MAMA KIN (a name taken from the popular AEROSMITH song) was formed in 2001. A few weeks later they started performing live and they also recorded a demo. For many years they remained a successful underground band and now they recorded their debut album In The City. The single Superman debuted as high as #26 in the Swedish single charts. They also have 2 pretty nice videos for the songs Superman and In The City.

From beginning to end In The City is an enjoyable album. It starts with a more 'light' song Badge And A Gun and it continues with some other great songs, from which I find it a bit difficult to pick my favorites. From In The City and Mrs. Operator to the more melodic one Too Much and from this to the very last and pretty heavy Champagne Chicks & Rock 'n' Roll I can say I enjoyed this album very much. Generally, it's full of melodies that can stick to your mind and make you sing along with Mr. Ward, who has a very interesting voice. I must say that his voice reminds me pretty much of Austin Winkler from HINDER.

To sum it up, In The City is a pretty interesting album if you're into Glam/Sleaze music with new elements and it's worth a try. Also someone who likes newer sounds may like it enough.

7 / 10


"In The City" Track-listing:

Badge And A Gun
In The City
You Belong To Me
Mrs. Operator
Higher & Higher
Too Much
Fortune & Fame
Champagne Chicks & Rock 'n' Roll

Mama Kin Lineup:

Ward - Vocals, Guitar
Elias - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jon - Bass,  backing Vocals
Edvin - Drums, Backing Vocals

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