Deviation From The Flow


The first thing I want to tell you is that the specific genre this band […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 9, 2006
Malpractice - Deviation From The Flow album cover

The first thing I want to tell you is that the specific genre this band plays is not the most suitable for me to review. Another thing I want to mention is that this album came in for review a year after its release date. Basically, it was released in November 2005. No worries. So, here I go. Pay attention...
MALPRACTICE is a band that originates from the ice-cold Finland that features Joonas Koto (ex-TO/DIE/FOR) and Markus Vanhala (also plays guitar for OMNIUM GATHERUM). This band was formed in 1994 and the first years it was a Thrash Metal outfit. As the years passed by, MALPRACTICE put aside the Thrash elements and turned into a more melodic and progressive band. Deviation From The Flow is MALPRACTICE's second full-length album.
MALPRACTICE managed to attract my attention from the first second of this album. Even though I am not a fan of melodic Progressive Metal, I couldn't resist to their incredible melodies and Mika's out of this world voice (by the way, Mika has recently left the band). I really loved this guy's voice! Anyway, Deviation From The Flow is a great album that knows no limits and contains influences that range from Power Metal to melodic Progressive Metal. This band's strongest point is its rhythm section, which is solid as a rock! The work this guys have done is really awesome! It seems that MALPRACTICE are influenced by bands such as DREAM THEATER, ANGRA, FATES WARNING and EVERGREY, but still manage to sound like MALPRACTICE and not a bunch of copycats. The 50 minutes of this album are enough to satisfy even the hardest fans of the genre. I think that we have some talent here!
Fans of the Prog sound, be sure to check this band out! You HAVE to listen to this CD! These words come of from the mouth of someone who is not a fan of Progressive Metal and hates DREAM THEATER's sound! Think about it!

8 / 10


"Deviation From The Flow" Track-listing:

Assembly Line
The Long Run
Circles In The Sand
Colours In Between
Fragile Pages
The Industry

Malpractice Lineup:

Mika Uronen - Vocals
Joonas Koto - Guitar
Markus Vanhala - Guitar
Jonas Maki - Bass
Toni Paananen - Drums

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