Reign Of Suffering


If you mixed PANTERA, HATEBREED, LAMB OF GOD and LIFE OF AGONY you would end […]
By Emily Coulter
November 25, 2013
Malevolence - Reign Of Suffering album cover

If you mixed PANTERA, HATEBREED, LAMB OF GOD and LIFE OF AGONY you would end up with north of England's new rising band MALEVOLENCE. Their two track demo caught the ears of every Hardcore fan in England and the bands reputation for brutally heavy shows got them gigs with bands such as WHILE SHE SLEEPS, THE ACACIA STRAIN and HATEBREED. ''Reign Of Suffering'' is one of the most anticipated Hardcore albums of 2013, earning Rock Sound's band of the week and getting shockingly high reviews from every site under the sun it's no wonder that they are getting such a big fan base.

''In The Face Of Death'' opens up with Charlie Thorpe's fast drumming and Alex Taylor's vocals which sound very closely to Jamey Jasta of HATEBREED. The opening track is full of complex riffs with forever changing speeds and small breakdowns to throw down to. To open an album like this surely proves that the band know what they are doing.  'Condemned by Misery'' is the ''lightest'' track of the album but still very heavy, mostly basing its self-round the talents of Konan and Josh it is hard to ignore them. It is one of the weakest tracks of this great album but you can still bang your head along with it. ''Serpent's Chokehold'' was the first song off the new album to be released and is loved by every fan. Fuelled with classic riffs with a heavy vibe, it's one of the best songs on the album; Alex's angry vocals take you through the song with Charlie's fast drumming in the back ground. The track is catchy and makes you want to punch someone in the face.

''Eternal Torment'' opens up with Alex's harsh vocal chords screaming at you followed by technical riffs. The lyrics are angry, loud and make you want to throw down wherever you are. This track is just one big punch in the face, it has everything you need for a great Hardcore / Metal crossover track and is a huge favourite with fans of the band. Josh leads the band through the song with his long complex solos followed by Konan on rhythm. By far the most aggressive song on the album, the title track ''Reign Of Suffering'' is full up with blast beats. But sadly this is the weakest song, it has technical guitar riffs with a small amount of breakdowns with great drumming but it just lacks what the previous tracks had. The song seems to go on a little too long but does get better towards the end. MALEVOLENCE are back with full force unlike the previous with ''Delusions of Fear''. Alex's vocals are rough and angry, the riffs are for anyone who loves bands like PANTERA and LAMB OF GOD and the drums are fast but only just managing to keep up in time with everyone else. The Sheffield band obviously knows how to mix their influences together.

''Turn to Stone'' opens up with a gentle acoustic guitar part before breaking into a dramatic electric guitar riff. Alex's vocals sound very close to Phil Anselmo's in DOWN which is perfect for a slow but heavy track like this. ''Reign of Suffering'' is packed full of surprises when you think it is going to be all the same speed but it constantly changes. This could possibly be the best song on the album. The band picked the best song to close the album on, ''Wraith'' is fast heavy and wakes you up from the previous slow song. The drums are simplistic with a hint of complexity but still fast, the guitars are constantly changing and the lyrics cannot get any angrier.
If you want a new song to mosh to then this is it.

This is a near perfect album; if it had one more song like ''Turn to Stone'' then it would have been 10/10. These Sheffield boys know how to make good music and ''Reign of Suffering'' is their achievement. If you love bands like PANTERA, HATEBREED and LAMB OF GOD then listen to these; this album will change your life. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Reign Of Suffering" Track-listing:

1. In The Face Of Death
2. Condemned To Misery
3. Serpents Chokehold
4. Eternal Torment
5. Reign Of Suffering
6. Delusions Of Fear
7. Turn To Stone
8. Wraith

Malevolence Lineup:

Alex Taylor - Vocals
Konan Hall- Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Josh Baines - Lead Guitar
Wilkie Robinson - Bass
Charlie Thorpe - Drums

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