Novus Ordo Seclorum

Maleficent Vigor

MALEFICENT VIGOR is a sort of Blackened Melodic Death Metal band which have somehow dug their […]
By Keith "Zirra" Ham
March 20, 2014
Maleficent Vigor - Novus Ordo Seclorum album cover

MALEFICENT VIGOR is a sort of Blackened Melodic Death Metal band which have somehow dug their way out from of the depths of California - land of overabundance. And, you know, I could leave it right at that. Most Death Metal seems to lend its hand to the obvious influences and mix in the obvious influences - or just make the decision to blatantly copy a more popular band. But, no, I can honestly say that I really am digging MALEFICENT VIGOR's debut album "Novus Ordo Seclorum".

I don't know where these DIY bands get their ideas but usually, unless they are drone or noise 'music', I generally seem to like at least one thing about them. With MALEFICENT VIGOR, I have to say that I generally like everything about what there is to hear. With '"Novus Ordo Seclorum" they've made an album which mixes simplicity with sheer brutality. Parts of the album certainly show the influences the band claims - DIMMU BORGIRSATYRICONHYPOCRISYNILE (mostly leaning towards the first two) - and approaches their music with an ambient black metal influence on tracks like "Internal Nightmare" and "My Perdition". The rest is pretty straightforward Death Metal, almost sounding a little like a personal favorite of mine - CEREKLOTH, with only minor "Blackened" bits.

I can't really say too much when it comes to the DIY nature of the band, it certainly doesn't detract anything and you can easily see, as well, that the band wasn't looking to kill your ears with tone-deaf distortion levels or drown out mistakes with effects. Actually, it's a little surprising that the band actually managed to tailor the tone they have - also opting out of high-volumes (that I'm sure are probably present in their live shows) and allowing the vocals to shine. The only issue, I can think of, is that MALEFICENT VIGOR has put out such a fantastic album at a very horrific time for small-time Metal. With huge Metal releases happening right now, such as DEVIN TOWNSEND, TRIPTYKON, BEHEMOTH, VAMPIRE, and more breaking through with game changing albums - it's sad to think that maybe MALEFICENT VIGOR might not get the attention it deserts. However, in my own humble opinion, I'd have to say that they are definitely up there with bands like VAMPIRE.

If you want something that isn't advertised from here to doomsday, or running high-profile pledge campaigns, I suggest you check out MALEFICENT VIGOR. "Novus Ordo Seclorum" is some straight up good Death Metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Novus Ordo Seclorum" Track-listing:

1. Depravity
2. Internal Nightmare
3. True Sanity
4. Unbound
5. Altered
6. New World Order
7. Living a Lie
8. Woe to the Conquered
9. K.I.L.L.
10. Unhallowed
11. My Perdition
12. Demagouge

Maleficent Vigor Lineup:

Michael Lewis - Drums
Steve - Rhythm Guitars / Backing Vocals
Danny - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Darrel - Bass

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