Die Schöpfung Tohuwabohu

Majesty Of Silence

So this band named MAJESTY OF SILENCE are two musicians to start with and they […]
December 14, 2021
Majesty Of Silence - Die Schöpfung Tohuwabohu album cover

So this band named MAJESTY OF SILENCE are two musicians to start with and they are taking on a symphonic and black metal but there was suggestions they could be melodic black metal. But this is not the case as the band features two musicians; CHRISTIAN GEISSMANN(DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS)and PETER MAHLER plus three other musicians. However they have now released up til this year four albums, the first three albums featured CHRISTIAN GEISSMANN, PETER MAHLER and PETER DIMITRIYA but their fourth album was only CHRISTIAN and PETER MAHLER.

Their albums include their debut album; DARKNESS HAS NO END in 1999, BUT THERE'S A LIGHT in 2003, LICHTSTILLE in 2006 and finally ZU DUNKEL FUR DAS LICHT in 2018. Now after four releases since their beginning in 1996, they bring us their fifth full length album release titled DIE SCHÖPFUNG TOHUWABOHU through Boersma Records. The album begins with "Wiederauferstehung" (The Resurrection) where there is a slow ominous and sadistic soundscape before an evil voice speaks in a clear but satanic manner. Guitar rings out and the voice speaks with another voice subtle but also satanic. Then these voices intertwine with each other like a dialogue with some musical aspect to it before with an evil grumble then quiet before the next track. "Die Korrektur" (The Correction) starts and gives us that black symphonic metal soundscape and the drums or vocals give the black metal feel.

Symphonic comes from guitar and sound effects and sustained guitar plus psychedelic drumming maybe even with a progressive element. "Sei Gedankt" (thank you) crashes with drums thrashing and then supported by other instruments and the demonic vocal lead. Choral chanting can be heard too but the mix of what's going on is overdubbed but each element is heard. The black metal sound emphasized with a female voice that was very soothing and with male vocals, a nice combination. "Das Ritual" (The Ritual) continues the female vocal line and drums raging on with the same demonic male vocal. Very much symbolizes the ideas of sacrificial or dark themes of occult sense.

"Das Letzte Spiel" is much more majestic with a more uplifting sound of keyboards but the darker side is there with vocals and drums. Vocal lines overlapping but very well arranged here with so much to pay attention to. "Es Tut Uns Leid" comes also with jumbled up vocal lines and short news clip recordings to start with. The female vocals and keyboard sounds off the symphonic influence and devious male vocals with drums gives the black metal side. "Stechpalme Holz" (holly wood) begins with the more black metal influence with choked vocals coming into the fore. The vocals are more colourful and experimental maybe and keyboard supports. "Schönes Finale" (beautiful finale)brings an ascending unity of drums, bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals. Very much an ongoing storm and reinforced sound with symphonic elements too.

"Elm Haus Am Meer" (A House By The Sea)comes with similar characteristics on a musical level but there is a short vocal intro before madness ensues. A lively cascade of nightmare scares of vocals, keys accompanied by guitar & drums. Even the contrast in vocal lines is interesting even the vocal passage to end on is dark indeed. "Rolf" continues with an occult feel and has more solos with instruments. "Willkommen Zu Hause" (Welcome Home)is very much a black metal grilled track with themes of darkness. Tremors are present of thick or ghastly guitar riffs and rumbling drums, increasing in speed.

"Seelensammler" (Soul Collector) bursts full of symphonic gestures before the black metal onslaught. Perhaps more black metal with scary vocals, that spooky atmosphere and even a keyboard with a glissando effect. "Schalt Es Aus" (Turn It Off) takes a more progressive sound with the black metal and has a symphonic passage as well. Vocals are loud and there is a possessed female vocal part that creeps into the mix before a long enduring mixture of dialogue or people whispering. This album gives me mixed feelings, mostly I feel a little anxious but also taken aback with how much mixing with black metal or symphonic metal.

It's hard to say whether this is what symphonic black metal should sound like, with very little symphonic elements and at times conflicting musical ideas. Maybe too much desire and less somber but overall I wouldn't find myself following this band as much as I hoped, but an interesting mix of subgenres all the same.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Die Schöpfung Tohuwabohu" Track-listing:

1. Wiederauferstehung
2. Die Korrektur
3. Sei Gedankt
4. Das Ritual
5. Das Letze Spiel
6. Es Tut Uns Leid
7. Stechpalmenholz
8. Schoenes Finale
9. Ein Haus Am Meer
10. Rolf
11. Willkommen Zu Hause
12. Seelensammler
13. Schalt Es Aus

Majesty Of Silence Lineup:

Christian Geissmann - Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Cello
Peter Papadimitriya - Vocals and Drums
Peter Mahler - Guitars
Simon Huber - Keyboards

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