MAJESTY is a known name in the Metal world, having been around for over two […]
By Rachel Montgomery
August 7, 2019
Majesty - Legends album cover

MAJESTY is a known name in the Metal world, having been around for over two decades. I love their song "Thunder Rider": the melodic instrumentals, the choral refrains, the strong, thematic elements all come together to create this masterpiece of a song. Same with the hard-hitting song "Son of Metal." However, these elements run into each other after a while, making each song sound so similar to the others that I have a hard time telling them apart.

We open with a narrative track where someone speaks the theme of the album. It sets up the album as a post-war scene where you, the listener, are invited to take up arms and reclaim the land after it's been ravaged by your foes. The simple piano melody accompanying it and a generic melody showcase the narration and intrigue me: where is the album going?

The echoing chorus and fierce melodies in "Rizing Home" are mainstays in Majesty's music. However, the vocals have been better, particularly on the aforementioned "Thunder Rider". Frequently on the album, the vocals aren't as clear or nice as they could be. There's a nasally quality and I'm not sure if it's just his style or if it's a technical issue. Other than that, it's a fist-pumping anthem that gets you excited; I could see the first two tracks are the first two songs on the setlist on their next tour.

I love the symphonic beginning of "Burn the Bridges" and how it continues the militant theme of the album; it's story-like. However, I'm not a fan of the vocals here, they sound nasally to me, and I wish they had a clearer sound. I love the rushing chorus and the second verse is better on the vocal end. It's a good song to headbang to.

"We Are Legends" stands out in the beginning with a high-pitched note before it continues into an anthemic march. It's another good crowd please, but at this point, the songs are beginning to run into each other musically.

I enjoyed the wild-west theming of "Wasteland Outlaw." The different lines in the verses make it almost sounds like banter in a duet. I like the tone of the chorus and the high-speed western-influenced instrumentals. Similar theming continues in "Church of Glory" with mock-hymnal chords and heavy utilization of Majesty's choral background vocals. However, I'm not a fan of the symphonics, they sound too squeaky, and the guitar solo, while solid, highlights how off they are.

"Maverick's Surprise" sounds similar to the rest of the fast songs. The syncopated vocals in the beginning are noteworthy, but that was the only part of the on that was a standout. Ironically, their slow song, the song that sounds different by default, "Words of Silence", is my least favorite. The vocals are wispy, and the piano work is nothing to write home about. The lyrics can get hokey at times, and in the second verse, it sounds like he's rapping part of the verse which is out of character for the album.

The last three songs utilize different Majesty hallmarks, but in different ways. "Blood of the Titans" really utilizes the choral backing vocals to emphasize an epic theme. Both "Last Brigade" and "Stand as One" combine the themes of the previous songs to the point where either one of them could be good, closing songs for the album. However, neither one of these tracks stand out, even the final song.

Overall, Majesty is a talented staple in the Metal world. However, they are one of those bands where every song sounds similar to each other, but they have a distinct sound that is unique to the band. When you hear a song off this album, you know it's a Majesty song. While technically, the album wasn't bad, the album itself just didn't do it for me, because their staples weren't done as well as they had been before. I enjoy this band; this album just isn't a favorite of mine.

7 / 10









"Legends" Track-listing:

1. The Will to Believe
2. Rizing Home
3. Burn the Bridges
4. We Are Legends
5. Wasteland Outlaw
6. Church of Glory
7. Mavericks' Surprise
8. Words of Silence
9. Last Brigade
10. Blood of the Titans
11. Stand as One

Majesty Lineup:

Tarek Maghary - Vocals & Keyboards
Robin Hadamovsky - Guitars
Emanuel Knorr - Guitars
Arthur Gauglitz - Bass
Jan Raddatz - Drums

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