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Go With The No!


Mahavatar meaning deathlessness, immortality, is one of the most unique bands of our times. This […]
By Katerina Kladisiou
April 24, 2005
Mahavatar - Go With The No! album cover

Mahavatar meaning deathlessness, immortality, is one of the most unique bands of our times. This bizarre band has emerged from the clubs of New York and has come to quake the standars of the Metal scene as we know it.
The core of Mahavatar is composed by two ladies, Karla Williams from Jamaica, who plays the guitar, and Lizza Hayson, Israeli, who is the singer. In the summer of 1999 Mahavatar entered Bomb Shelter Recordings, to record their first single The Time Has Come (2000). From the very beginning the band had obviously been separated from the known groups of that time. With the help of Gonen Rod and Bobby Hambel of Biohazard they recorded their Demo 2000 with the same promising outcome for the band. Go With The No! is their first record and it's about to gain high respect.
From The Time Has Come era things had shown that Mahavatar is the opposite of what we call a common band. In Go With The No! they continue to create a mix of the whole spectrum of Metal and to renovate the scene that seems to stick to the already-many times-played kind of stuff. So, different elements have been incorporated into their sound. One could characterise it as raw melodic Metal with Heavy Metal as a base for the whole album and Thrash Metal parts expanding from it. The songs are simple enough but its the kind of brutal, dark and groovy Metal that makes you hold your breath from the very first second. We should make a special hint to the delirious vocals. Brutal vocals are combined with clean,deepones and others that have a Thrash shade. They are so unique that the mind by itself isolates the vocals in order to feel the energy of the so talented frontwoman.
The main thing is that the whole album is designated by incessant alternations on the rythm, melodies and vocals. I think that this is the kind of music that can dynabyte the atmosphere on the Death/Thrash Metal parts and hypnotises the mind on the more melodic ones. Those who are interested in music which hails of various elements, should give this a chance.

8 / 10


"Go With The No!" Track-listing:

By the numbers
Open your minds
Deep Cobble
The time has come

Mahavatar Lineup:

Lizza Hayson - Vocals
Karla Williams - Guitar
T-Bone Motta - Drums
Szymon Maria Rapacz - Bass
Miko - Keyboards

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