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Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall

Frontiers Records is a luck label because they found their golden boy. His name is […]
By SamiiMittelstaedt
November 11, 2015
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - Kingdom of Rock album cover

Frontiers Records is a luck label because they found their golden boy. His name is Magnus Karlsson. He's guitar player and composer in the German Power Metal PRIMAL FEAR and he did a lot of side projects in his free time released by Frontiers, putting together only the best singers in actuality like Michael Kiske (UNISONIC, ex-HELLOWEEN) and Amanda Somerville (TRILLIUM), Russell Allen (SYMPHONY X) and Jorn Lande (JORN band, ex-MASTERPLAN) and many others. And now he's releasing his second solo album called "Kingdom of Rock" on November 6th, 2015. It's unbelievable how he can always compose great songs to different singers, like above-mentioned.

In this second album, he joined the singers Jorn Lande, Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW), Harry Hess (ex-HAREM SCAREM), Jakob Samuel (THE POODLES), Rebecca de La Motte, Tony Harnell (TNT), David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) and Rick Altzi (MASTERPLAN, AT VANCE), and himself singing two songs. As you can see there are only great singers in this amazing project.

The artwork is well-designed and it's more amazing than the debut. And now, let's talk to the songs.

"Kingdom Of Rock" started kicking your ass - it's a tradition in his albums, because in the first, the first song was sang by nothing else, nothing less than Russell Allen, considered one of the bests and versatile singers nowadays - with the self-titled song by Jorn Lande. In this album, different than the first, Magnus used more acoustic guitars and flamenco influences in the intro, which shined more in these songs. Here, you can confer a song could be put in ALLEN LANDE project, or just exchanged for the whole ALLEN LANDE last album. The instruments are balanced and the highlight here is obviously Lande's voice. Probably he's one of the best singers in the world and it's proved here in this song. And the last words in the song, make you get goosebumps.
The second, "Out of the Dark", sung by Jakob is a typical Power Metal song that would fit perfectly on PRIMAL FEAR albums. I'm a huge fan of them and I really enjoy this all, and Jakob Samuel surprised me singing here, because I really don't like his band, but here, he shut my mouth in this song. One of the highlight in this album, everything is balanced but heavy, with that influence in JUDAS PRIEST you can check in PRIMAL FEAR songs. "No Control" sung by Joe Lynn Turner had a powerful riff in its intro and Joe shines the song with his incredible voice. The AOR/Hard Rock influence is very present here and if you are waiting for it, I'm sure you will enjoy the song.

The next, "When the Sky Falls", with Tony Martin, is an epic and fantastic song composed by Magnus, as he always worked with Martin. It's incredible how Magnus can do it. "Angel of the Night" starts with usually a super and notable riff by Karlsson and the incredible and amazing voice Readman makes you wonder if they're human. The song is very similar that Readman does in his band - VOODOO CIRCLE - and you start to excite yourself listen this song. That's a pity David sings in only one song. His voice is simply amazing. "I Am Coming for You" starts to make you more calm before the super song you listened before. Now, the singer is Magnus himself. He could invest more in his voice. Is better than a lot of singers I know. The guitars and the Karlsson voice is above the average and one of the highlights in this album and surprises you if you aren't used to listening to him sing. "Another Life" starts with another guest who sang in the last album, Rick Altzi. The flamenco influences is evident like in the first track singed by Lande. The mixtures between it and Heavy Metal with a groovy voice by Altzi, different you can listen on MASTERPLAN, makes the song shining and definitely chosen as the second best song from this album.

"Never Look Away" by Tony Harnell is one of the calm songs here in "Kingdom of Rock". The warm voice from Harnell, makes you relax and here you can confer one of the less cool songs from this album. The same happened with me when I listened to the song he sang in the debut. "A Heart So Cold" starts with exciting and modern riffs by Karlsson and its Harry Hess's turn to sing. It's a warm song that could enchant you when you listen more than once. It's good, but nothing special comparing with the other songs. "The Right Moment" with the pretty voice from Rebecca de La Motte, is a cool balad to break the power and killer songs made by Karlsson.

And to close, "Walk This Road Again", sung by Karlsson again, it's another pretty epic and cool songs that he could make. The heavy guitars and the tempo music are awesome and make you repeat it twice to listen again. He finished the album the best way possible.

If you compare with the first album released by Karlsson, is a grateful surprise. They changed a bit the style, but the quality keeps the same. For me, as a fan of him, it's clear I ordered my copy and was an honour to listen before the others. Here you will find only killer songs and a killer album for your ears.<

10 / 10


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"Kingdom of Rock" Track-listing:

1. Kingdom of Rock
2. Out of the Dark
3. No Control
4. When the Sky Falls
5. Angel of the Night
6. I Am Coming for You
7. Another Life
8. Never Look Away
9. A Heart So Cold
10. The Right Moment
11. Walk This Road Alone

Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Lineup:

Magnus Karlsson - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Jaime Salazar - Drums

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