Charring The Rotting Earth


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MADROST; signed via No Life […]
October 20, 2020
Madrost - Charring The Rotting Earth album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MADROST; signed via No Life 'Til Metal Records, hailing from Californian grounds - performing Death/Thrash Metal, on their 4th album entitled: "Charring The Rotting Earth" (released September 25th, 2020).

Since formation in 2007; the quartet in question have 3 Demos entitled: "Crypt Keeper" (released February 8th, 2008), "Demo 2009"; "Infected Chaos" (released in 2010), an EP entitled: "Infected Chaos" (released October 4th, 2011) & 4 Full-Length Albums entitled: "Maleficent" (released March 2nd, 2012), "Into The Aquatic Sector" (released September 23rd, 2014); "The Essence Of Time Matches No Flesh" (released June 27th, 2017), and this here album that I am introduced to entitled: "Charring The Rotting Earth". 7 tracks ranging at around 29:57; MADROST arranges an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Death/Thrash Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with "The Serpent's Quest"; MADROST deliver a harmonic but monolithic tone that strums with sulphurous riffing of what seems like a Black Metal ritual of melancholy, until briskly burning into a blistering barrage assault of chiselled Death Metal merged with this vicious Thrash Metal attack amplified on adrenaline & boisterously bouncy shreds rift with rumbling reverberation that will rattle skulls into a frenzy of progressively technical madness. Trailblazing with sonically seamless weight, tight speed & punchy momentum that demonstrates a fluidly polished sound production where the maelstrom supplies rawly rough synergies that thunder with profusely robust experimentation in hybrid density...grinding into a fierce flamboyance of riveting rhythms which the stampeding onslaught skyrockets speakers with gnarly distortion equalities in which persist with this primitive yet borderline foundation on filthy heat and furiously relentless perseverance with wildly rushing panache.

Consisting of Tanner Poppitt on vocals/guitar; a diligent frontman on quintessential virtuose and deadly, evil death growls with pipes that surge with this raspy shriek while the throaty roars soar with empowering bellows which shout with yelling extremity. "To Prevail The Wicked" distributes an immersively intense fabrication on rapidly swift nimbleness where the guitars fret into a dexterously dynamic element in implementing savagely sinister substance, while providing this overdose on unique vehemence with ruthless pandemonium on which organically manifests this meticulous jolt on razor-sharp firepower and chugging laceration. Bludgeoning eardrums into a combustible groove-bomb finesse that will make you want to slam-dance in which unleashes this urge to break chairs over other chairs! The rampant calamities excel with triggering melodies while utilising a groundbreaking complexity on striking pursuits, and frolicking chaos.

Necro Nick also ripping on the guitars crafts a killer attribute on rompy meatiness; providing this monstrous ability in droning this screeching yet tempestuously twinning storm which revels with slaying stability. "Dying Thoughts" uses this quirky vibrancy on keys that juxtaposes symphonic catchiness for a distinctive characteristic while portraying those bruising belters for use on ultimate havoc, in which never detracts into cheesiness but it brings a higher level of epicness to the fray. Rambunctious piledriver Mark Rivas hammers his drums into a firm battering that propel this solid bombardment of exhilarating blast beat pummelling that pounds into a hasteful expertise of mighty blasphemy. Chewy riff sections transition with the oozing stompiness shrouded within the spellbinding mastery of steely precision that everyone here possesses you with while they majestically mesmerise with hypnotic instrumental brilliance and malicious mayhem of oppressively tenacious tendencies.

"Impossible Dreams" captivates you with more ambitiously-driven high-octane malevolence; the audible bass injections from Richard Orellana (also on vocals) infects you with venomous thumpiness, while the modern tech-thrash meshuga salubriously provides massive riff wankery - gravitating into a potent strife of gnarly diversity and berserking bulldozing that shine with jumpy yet sometimes adventurously cinematic approaches. "A Violent End To Life" has a clever but consistent drum grumbling beginning, continuously engaging a frantic cymbal tapping roll until more echoing basslines and kicking impact effectively crushes you while the snare of distortion and drilling sturdiness quakes with rampaging remedy. The penultimate track "Pulverized" is a short 1:08 smash of crunchy bangs that literally describes the title with pure accuracy, and so the titular track overall concludes "Charring The Rotting Earth" with an atmospheric evolution fusing keys, choir and strings mid-section that almost leads into a DIMMU BORGIR-esquire meltdown while the revolutionary variety revolves with REVOCATION-like insanity.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MADROST certainly outdone themselves with this one, "Charring The Rotting Earth" most definitely invented this unprecedented spectrum of titanic proportions that will make you want to replay this one over and over...while surprising you tenfold. This is a discovery in which most surely deserves a few listens, with the sheer veracity they is an enjoyably entertaining spin that needs listening to, right now! Check it out.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Charring The Rotting Earth" Track-listing:

1. The Serpent's Quest
2. To Prevail the Wicked
3. Dying Thoughts
4. Impossible Dreams
5. A Violent End to Life
6. Pulverized
7. Charring the Rotting Earth

Madrost Lineup:

Tanner Poppitt - Vocals/Guitar
Necro Nick - Guitar
Richard Orellana - Vocals/Bass
Mark Rivas - Drums

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