Journey To Madness

Mad Architect

There must be something magical in the water in Sweden as it seems there is […]
By Stephanie Hensley
August 8, 2013
Mad Architect - Journey To Madness album cover

There must be something magical in the water in Sweden as it seems there is new wave of great music coming from there. Having not heard of MAD ARCHITECT I wasn't sure what to expect. Upon checking into the band a bit I saw they are considered dark Power Metal. Terms like that can be taken so many ways, as others have shown. What "Journey To Madness" had to offer though, was an unexpected surprise. Previously, MAD ARCHITECT has only one EP under their belt. "Dreamworld" was released in 2012 and contained only three tracks, which was just enough to give a glimpse into their world. Building upon that initial release, MAD ARCHITECT released "Journey To Madness" just a little while ago.

With a landscape that is ever changing between melodic, somewhat extreme, and gothic, "Journey To Madness" is difficult to place into one genre only. It is some great heavy metal done with a darker, gothic twist with a touch of progressiveness. Snowy Shaw's vocals are very interesting, and add a deep, dark texture that is spot on for this music. The guitars by Magnus Daun, are very intricate and epic. Bringing a touch of spookiness with the keyboards, Jorgen Oscarsson really adds something special to the mix. Drum ork by Zven Lindsten is outstanding as well, and rounding out things nicely is Erik Ferentinos on the thundering bass.

Two short instrumental tunes are included: "Echoes From Beyond" and "Transitions - Part 1". Both are so great, they left me wishing they were much, much longer. "Dreamworld" is one of several favorites, with a great contrasting of cleaner and then darker vocals, eerie keyboards, and beautiful guitar work. Heavy, and brimming over with guitars and drums that will leave you breathless, "Sailing Away" was another pick of mine from this CD. In contrast to "Sailing Away", "Floating" is much more toned down, but still retains their heaviness and their edge.

It's surprising to know this is a debut album, considering how seasoned and professional it sounds. If I hadn't known it was a debut, I would have assumed they had several albums under their belt. I can see how this music would appeal to a large audience, and foresee a fast growing fan base. It should be exciting to see what follows "Journey To Madness".

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Journey To Madness" Track-listing:

1. Echoes From Beyond
2. Dreamworld
3. Universal Law
4. Mad Architect
5. Transitions - Part 1
6. Sailing Away
7. Floating
8. Strange Machine
9. Altered States

Mad Architect Lineup:

Snowy Shaw - Vocals
Magnus Daun - Guitars
Erik Ferentinos - Bass
Zven Lindsten - Drums
Jorgen Oscarsson - Keyboards

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