Sweet Talk Intervention

Mach 22

I feel the need to agree with those before me who have heard MACH 22; […]
By Daniel Fox
April 28, 2014
Mach 22 - Sweet Talk Intervention album cover

I feel the need to agree with those before me who have heard MACH 22; if you like LED ZEPELLIN and LENNY KRAVITZ, it is extremely likely you will love the hell out of this band. Rocking out of Philadelphia, handpicked out of 3000 bands as a favorite of SLASH, listening to them will introduce to you a uniquely embellished brand of Hard Rock chock full of wacky melodies and a unique vocal delivery.

"Constant Denier" is a proper top choice for an album opener, beginning with a seething build-up that explodes into a heavy riff steeped in solid, thick grooves. This is adapted upon as the song progresses, the half-smooth half-aggressive tones of vocalist Lamont a surprisingly effective and infectiously catchy accompaniment, by fusing hard-hitting Rock deliveries with smooth and silky soul nuances. "Go Ahead" was an obvious choice for the album's single, a quaintly radio-friendly, jive of a piece with memorable and expert guitar work, bursting full of catchy vocal hooks. If MOTORHEAD were to be fronted by Lenny Kravitz...

"Made to Love" is a delicious groove, brought to the forefront by prominent, liquid bass-playing, building foundations and decorating the music almost on its own. This track had an enticing uniqueness about it above the rest, which is saying something. In parts, Lamont diverts from a funk-filled delivery to a more aggressive rasp, strangely similar to Paul Di'Anno. "Nevermind" was one of my absolutely favorites, for putting out a glorious reimagining of classic hard rock, embellished by Lamont's loveably contemporary delivery of the lyrics, culminating in an uplifting track full of feel-good.

I have always been a fan of Lenny Kravitz, and to hear a vocalist not too unlike him front a new, fresh Hard Rock band, it is no wonder Slash took particular interest in them.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Sweet Talk Intervention" Track-listing:

1. Constant Denier
2. Go Ahead
3. Don't You Give Me
4. I'm just a Man
5. Stone Rose
6. Backslider
7. Made to Love
8. Radio
9. One Trick Pony
10. Nevermind

Mach 22 Lineup:

Lamont Caldwell - Vocals
Sebastian LaBar - Guitars
Ted Merrill - Guitars
Jaron Gulino - Bass
Damian MonteCarlo - Drums

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