New Way Of Life

Mabel Greer's Toyshop

So MABEL GREER'S TOYSHOP became the well known band, YES in 1968 and recently experienced […]
By Claire Taylor
April 20, 2015
Mabel Greer's Toyshop - New Way of Life album cover

So MABEL GREER'S TOYSHOP became the well known band, YES in 1968 and recently experienced a change in their line-up and released 'New Way of Life', but reuniting using their old name. My initial thoughts on this album, is that it's certainly something special!

It's as if their older sound has been reborn in this album. Intertwining old and new sounds in this energetic album certainly allows for something pretty interesting. I particularly liked the fact that each track was completely different. For example, 'New Way of Life' the third track on the album and my personal favorite, gives across an almost Country style vibe, whereas opening track 'Electric Funeral' takes a definite Progressive style with perfect harmonies. Saying that, it doesn't surprise me that they mix their styles up from time to time, considering they fall under the progressive rock category. The keyboard talents of Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye are made very prominent in this album which I really liked along with the spontaneity of their different styles. This album just emits positivity which I thought was cool. It's pretty hard to flaw this album as the talents of experienced musicians going hand in hand with an old, classic sound that has been retouched with the help of new technology, really shows. Since there has been a 45 year gap since the band had worked on anything, it's incredible that this album was of such a high quality. The vocal harmonies, the crisp guitar quality, hammond organ and bluesy drumming are just a few possible reasons for my appreciation for this album. The ambience and tone changes are also elements I liked which is not unusual for progressive rock.

Summing this album up in a sentence would be tricky as there is so much to notice in each track, but I can guarantee a good listen to those fond of some prog.

8 / 10


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"New Way Of Life" Track-listing:

1. Electric Funeral
2. Get Yourself Together
3. New Way of Life
4. Beyond and Before
5. Sweetness
6. Images of You and Me
7. My Only Light
8. King and Country
9. Oceans
10. Singing to Your Heart
11. Jeanetta

Mabel Greer's Toyshop Lineup:

Clive Bayley - Guitar & Vocals
Robert Hagger - Drums
Chris Squire - Bass
Peter Banks - Guitar
Jon Anderson - Vocals
Bill Bruford - Drums
Tony Kaye - Keyboards
Hugo Barré - Bass
Billy Sherwood - Keyboards & Bass

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