Out 2 Rock


The first thing about this album that made an impression on me (and a bad […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 2, 2010
M.I.C. - Out 2 Rock album cover

The first thing about this album that made an impression on me (and a bad one I must admit) was the incredibly amateur and shitty cover where you can see a photo of two clowns poorly edited through Photoshop. Anyway, the second thing that made an impression on me was that this band comes from a China, a country not so famous for its Metal tradition, except if you are a fan of "Global Metal", hahaha!

As the bio sheet that was included in the promo CD says, M.I.C. exist since 2004 and have managed to release two albums until now (including the one I am reviewing right now if I am not mistaken). Let's see what their music is all about...

Chinese rockers, huh? Well, not exactly Chinese since two of the band's members are not Chinese. Anyway, enough with the origin. Let's get straight to the point. Poor Hard Rock with US influences, from Rock & Roll to melodic Hard Rock, with a singer that seems like he is trying to hard and a drummer that the only thing he proves in "Out 2 Rock" is that he only knows to play one specific rhythm. One more thing I didn't like is the sound which is too empty, too "dry". I don't know but the whole album seems like plastic to me, it doesn't have the energy a hard rocking record should have. The only things that someone may find interesting in here are some nice and catchy riffs, as well as some melodic leads.

Surely not something I would suggest to someone. This band doesn't seem it takes itself too seriously since they didn't even pay attention to their album. Bad cover artwork, weak sound, average compositions and the info on the album and the promo sheet vary since the drummer's last name is different and the female singer appears only as singer on the album's info, while the promo sheet mentions she also plays rhythm guitar. Next time...

3 / 10


"Out 2 Rock" Track-listing:
  1. Sit On You
  2. Who Do You Love
  3. Out In The Rain
  4. Hot Summer Day
  5. Forever In Your World
  6. Can't Live This Way
  7. Something To Say
  8. Tell The Lies
  9. Rockin' Lucille
  10. Can You Hear Me
  11. Can't Let You Go
  12. What You Doing
  13. Between The Eyes
  14. Who Do You Love (Short Version)
  15. Something To Say (Short Version)
M.I.C. Lineup:

Yvon Serre - Vocals, Guitar
Zhao Qian - Drums
Huang Hong Lian - Bass
Angela Renzetti - Backing Vocals

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