LYKANTROPI comes for you out of Karlstad Sweden with a killer 70's vibe going on […]
By Cullen Balbridge
June 5, 2019
Lykantropi - Tales to be Told album cover

LYKANTROPI comes for you out of Karlstad Sweden with a killer 70's vibe going on with this release. LYKANTROPI was established in 2013 by one Martin Ostlund, Ostlund and Sohlin on vocals are nothing short of amazing. The musicianship is equally impressive for what they seem to be going for here. Reminds of when I was 7 or 8 yrs old hearing my mother listening to AMERICA, MOMMAS AND POPPAS CAT STEVENS among others from that general time . "Wild Flower" was not what I was expecting for sure when I was sent the album to review,  old school guitar riff, on point inspiring harmonizing vocals, although the song is uplifting musically, the meaning to the song is much  darker, great concept all together with the inner workings of this song. "Vestigia" Has laid back easy guitar and bass lines, the flute is incorporated excellently, then ya get hit with My Sohlin with beautiful vocals, in a mystical transition of lyrics, to me it was about being lost in an illusion trying to figure it out, It may not be what they was going for but that's what I got out of it.

"Darkness" has a DOORS feel to it, with nice guitars and chill bass lines, with pleasant harmonizing vocals. "Sunrise" features guitars and bass grooving together as one. This album is all about alluring vocals with their own twist on things and I must say, it's done very well once again with an unscripted message of being heartbroken and down on yourself, telling oneself to raise your head, don't worry about what others have distilled in you, you got this. "Songbird" I love this lady's voice, dark, sexy, beautiful,the  flute is elegantly placed with the strings, all together producing a smooth beautiful flow. "Spirituosa" is the albums' title track, and is an instrumental with bluesy riffs, the flute is placed as and where it should be, dark, simple bass lines carrying the flow. "Queen Of Night" could possibly be the heaviest tune musically on this album, I keep showing the lady vocals love, gotta show Martin some love, I am digging these gloomy vocals on this song. "Seven Blue" is pretty cool how the flute is incorporated effortlessly, have I said this lady's singing is divine? If you're into 70's folk rock I would definitely suggest LYKANTROPI unto you, they've added their own twist for sure,  A gloomy pleasant piece of art that should be hung proudly, There seems to be limited information on LYKANTROPI,  I would like to thank Martin Ostlund for filling in the gaps so I could get this done, Get a web page up Martin, damn It.

10 / 10









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"Spirituosa" Track-listing:

1. Wildflowers
2. Vestigia
3. Darkness
4. Sunrise
5. Songbird
6. Spirituosa
7. Queen Of Night
8. Seven Blue
9. Sällsamma Natt

Lykanrtropi Lineup:

Martin Ostlund - Vocals, Guitars
My Sohlin - Vocals
La Oberg - Flute, Backing Vocals
Thomas Eriksson - Bass
Par Nordwall - Guitars, Backing Vocals

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