Ever since the parting of each original member of the band just two years after […]
By Liam Easley
June 6, 2019
Lvcifyre - Sacrament album cover

Ever since the parting of each original member of the band just two years after their conception, LVCIFYRE still moved forward with two full-lengths and, most recently, an EP, "Sacrament". Brooding and evil, the music on this EP never relents with its vile onslaught of impressive technicality and blackened tone. The highlight of riffing on this short release is on the very first track, "The Greater Curse," a technical approach to bludgeoning Blackened Death Metal. Within the seven minutes of this track, the guitars give the audience a neck-snapping array of riffs and an equally intense breakdown to finish off the song.

Unfortunately, this sound seems to lessen with each track, with the exception of the perfect cover of "Morderca" from the classic Polish thrashers KAT. By the time "Sacrament" rolls around, it seems that the songwriting capabilities showcased on the first track has died out, as near the end of the track is a nice, climactic point of the music followed by the beginning of a solo that is never expanded upon beyond two bars. Outside of petty songwriting issues, this album does not have a bad track. The two middle tracks have a dark tone like the others with plenty of eerie atmosphere to go around. Before the title track comes "Shadowy Wing," an interlude track that features heavy riffing and nice structure for a short song.

Alongside the guitars, the vocals are also very well done, showcasing some experimentation with interesting cleans as well as different growls. The cleans are typically crazy-sounding vocals that sound like they are injected with fear. These are seen on "Death's Head in Crown" and "Sacrament". These vocal experimentations create a whole new level for this EP, making the music darker and more intense. Overall, this EP has some very interesting themes going on. It's technical when it feels like it, and it's heavy when it needs to be. Despite some poor decisions in songwriting, LVCIFYRE seem to have made a great way to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their debut EP with another good release.

7 / 10









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"Sacrament" Track-listing:

1. The Greater Curse
2. Death's head in Crown
3. Shadowy Wing
4. Sacrament
5. Morderca

Lvcifyre Lineup:

T. Kaos - Guitars, Vocals
Cvltvs - Bass
Menthor - Drums

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