Chasing Euphoria


“Chasing Euphoria” manifests the signature sound of LUTHARO and will establish the band as a serious Power Metal force with a unique sound.
December 23, 2023

LUTHARO hailing from Hamilton, Ontario were formed in 2013. Initially started as INCAMADINE they play a mix of melodic Death Metal and Power Metal. band. Their new album “Chasing Euphoria” was mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert (ALESTORM; GLORYHAMMER; RAVEN) at LSD-Studios Luebeck, Germany. It has a length of approximately 49 minutes. The album will be released via German Heavy, Thrash, and symphonic Metal specialists Atomic Fire Records.

The album starts with the cinematic, tension-building intro “Gates Of Enchantment” leading into the powerful “Reaper’s Call”. It is a fast and melodic opener, where the main melody of the intro is utilized. The melodies have a lot of oriental vibes. It is a traditional Power Metal track with sharp riffing, plenty of double-bass drumming, and an extended lead guitar solo. The vocals are a mixture of growls and cleans, where the fry screams of Krista Shipperbottom are between the medium and higher end of the guttural range. Orchestral arrangements were added during the mid-tempo chorus parts, where the strings are quite prominent. “Ruthless Bloodline” continues with the pace and the crushing sound. While the verse parts are fast and aggressive with the relentless double-bass, a few blast-beats, and the growls, the chorus parts introduce the melodies with the clean vocals. The chorus melodies are very distinct and, at first listening, may not really fit into the track, but after a few times listening, I realize they are a great addition and add an additional layer to the track. “Ruthless Bloodline” is a real banger where one of the many highlights is the cool lead guitar solo. “Time To Rise” starts with an extended mid-tempo instrumental part with the lead guitars dominating. The verse parts are quiet and driven by the clean vocals and the guitars. The bridges and chorus are powerful with heavy riffing and the mixture of growling and clean vocals being the focal points, where the chorus line follows catchy melodies. “Time To Rise” is the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below.

Born To Ride” raises tempo again. It is a very melodic track with most parts performed with the clean vocals. It is a track of highs and lows, where the verse parts are rather the lows, and the lead guitars are the stronger part of the track. Overall, after three great tracks, it is the first little dip of the album. “Bonded By The Blade” has an epic and powerful start transitioning into a fast verse parts with tight riffing, and the growls driving the track. Once again, there are orchestral arrangements added throughout the track, but more in the background. The chorus parts are at mid-tempo and have epic melodies. The extended lead guitar solo, which is partly played at mid-tempo and at fast pace is, besides the chorus melodies, one of the highlights of the track. The album continues with epic melodies opening for the title track. “Chasing Euphoria” is a mid-tempo track with some changes in tempo and rhythm between verse parts, bridges, and chorus parts. The chorus parts include epic melodies embedded into thunderous bridges with plenty of double-bass, a few blast-beats, and the growls. Altogether, “Chasing Euphoria” is one of the best album tracks. “Create A King” is another fast, aggressive, and devastating track during the verse parts, while the bridges and chorus parts slow down to mid-tempo. “Create A King”, as most tracks, include orchestral arrangements which are mostly in the background and just occasional more prominent, here during the chorus parts. The chorus parts are very powerful with catchy melodies.

Strong Enough To Fall” starts very powerful at mid-tempo with thunderous riffing leading the track. The vocals during the verse parts are a mixture of growls and cleans, while the bridges are more aggressive with the growls and more prominent orchestral arrangements. The chorus melodies are catchy with most of the vocals being cleans apart from the vocal line of the title. Highlight is another very contributing lead guitar solo. “Paradise Or Parasite” is an up-tempo track with many subtle changes in tempo in rhythm. While the verse parts are super heavy and led by the growls, the chorus parts include very prominent orchestral arrangements alongside a lot of double-bass drumming at mid-tempo. What sticks in my mind after listening to “Paradise Or Parasite” several times, are the arrangements and the extended lead guitar solo. The album finishes with “Freedom Of The Night” and it starts with a bass solo, joined by the guitars, and that introduces the main melody. The track develops quickly into another fast banger, with crushing verse parts and mid-tempo chorus parts, which have catchy melodies. It is one of the longer album tracks and after the first three minutes, it all restarts with the bass for the break leading into a lead guitar solo supported by the strings at a measured tempo. The break is very complex with a few twists in tempo and rhythm. There is another lead guitar solo during the mid-tempo part of the break. “Freedom Of The Night” is the most epic song of the album and it finishes like every awesome IRON MAIDEN epic with the clean vocals and the guitar. It is the best way to finish the album.

LUTHARO deliver an excellent melodic Power Metal album. “Chasing Euphoria” is a great mixture of Power Metal, melodic Metal, and melodic Death Metal, where every band member can shine. Focal points are the guitars, with many cool riffs and excellent lead guitar solos, and the vocals, where vocalist Krista Shipperbottom finds a perfect balance between growling and clean vocals. LUTHARO are also not afraid to experiment with their sound and do not only rely on well-tried things. The album is very well produced. “Chasing Euphoria” manifests a signature sound of LUTHARO and will establish the band as a serious Power Metal force with a unique sound during the years to come.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Chasing Euphoria" Track-listing:
  1. Gates Of Enchantment
  2. Reaper’s Call
  3. Ruthless Bloodline
  4. Time To Rise
  5. Born To Ride
  6. Bonded By The Blade
  7. Chasing Euphoria
  8. Create A King
  9. Strong Enough To Fall
  10. Paradise Or Parasite
  11. Freedom Of The Night
Lutharo Lineup:

Krista Shipperbottom Vocals

Victor Bucur Guitars, Vocals

Cory Hofing Drums

Chris Pacey Bass

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