Formed in 2008 in Finland, LURK is an adept quartet of Doom Metal that does […]
By Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai
April 14, 2014
Lurk - Kaldera album cover

Formed in 2008 in Finland, LURK is an adept quartet of Doom Metal that does not escape from a good dose of Sludgy sounds. The new album "Kaldera" is out under the label Doomentia Records and it is a mixture between heavy Guitars and some impressive drum playing for a spacy and cumbersome atmosphere. All this is expressed very early and without introductions with "Below Flesh". This album is a big step forward for this Finnish band considering that their self-titled first album was less worked. The Production on "Kaldera" is original and retains much of the hard side of the sound. The mix is very square and raw, and this is what requires this type of genre. The voice is a main component in all the work, it is constantly present is encompasses all the time or almost.

The music throughout is dark with freezing melodies. The melancholic side is also present in "Sag Serene" or "Rest Unitaries" sometimes with acceleration in the tempo. The band behaves in a more direct way in the songs "Lorn" or "Cutting" where you can find more aggressive riffs and more melancholic rhythms. Adding to all, a bass guitar that provides the rhythmic side with a powerful way. The songwriting is far from being taken lightly; the more fans of this genre will notice the rigor of these Finns, while taking into consideration that the arrangements are progressive and far from the verse chorus ritual. The ramped atmosphere of this album always takes place with "Kaldera", a 9 minutes song that fence this entire work. I recommend this album to people who want a crossover between Doom, Sludge and Death Metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Kaldera" Track-listing:

1. Below Flesh
2. Lorn
3. Ritual
4. 6 Feet, 6 Years
5. Sag Serene
6. Rest Unitaries
7. Cutting
8. Kaldera

Lurk Lineup:

K. Nurmi - Drums
A. Pulkkinen - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
K. Koskinen - Vocals
E. Nurmi - Bass

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