Out For a Kill

Lunatic Dictator

LUNATIC DICTATOR is a quintet from Germany that plays a violent hybrid of Thrash and […]
By John Paul Romero
October 10, 2019
Lunatic Dictator - Out For a Kill album cover

LUNATIC DICTATOR is a quintet from Germany that plays a violent hybrid of Thrash and Death metal. They've been around since 1988, but because of several twists and turns, they have only released their debut record "Suicide For Life" in 2004 - and followed it up with "Victim" thirteen years later. This year, they are presenting their third incarnation, "Out For a Kill".

Their sound still follows that fast, aggressive and completely unapologetic clash of Thrash rhythms and Death Metal chops. "Rampage" launches the album with full force with its sick riffs and blast beats. Their prowess in writing crushing riffs is also on full display in the tracks "Surrender", "Blutrausch", "Black Pestilence", and "Senseless Death". Obviously, they are an old school German thrash band and that is the sound they carried all throughout. There are moments where they inclined more on their Death Metal side, like in the tracks "God Send" and "Opfer" which really reminded me of DEATH and Chuck's guitar licks and vocal approach.

The album employs a straight-forward approach all throughout, and if you can't get to groove with it, maybe you are not playing it loud enough. The adrenaline that flows in every song is splattered all over the place, from top to bottom, side to side. It's a high energy album that with songs that will make a truly crushing live performance.

The only problem I have with this album is its length. It has 13 tracks, and runs a total of one hour. While it is full of pure pounding, it does not keep things interesting at all times. And that is because of its low-level of memorability. Sure, you'll get to headbang to it, mosh to it, but very few remains in your head after some loops. The production and songwriting are both fine, with large emphasis on the amazing guitar work.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Out For a Kill" Track-listing:

1. Rampage
2. Pythos
3. Surrender
4. God Send
5. Opfer
6. Oppression
7. Out for a Kill
8. Blutrausch
9. Black Pestilence
10. Face of Armaggedon
11. World's Chaos
12. Senseless Death
13. Sadistic Desire

Lunatic Dictator Lineup:

Ralf Tucholke - Guitars
Florian Decher - Guitars
Mathias Schwab - Bass
Sascha - Drums
Jörg Schmedeke - Vocals

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