Secreta Obscura Mysterium

Lunatic Affliction

Atmospheric Black Metal band LUNATIC AFFLICTION has released two full length albums since forming in […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
March 3, 2019
Lunatic Affliction - Secreta Obscura Mysterium album cover

Atmospheric Black Metal band LUNATIC AFFLICTION has released two full length albums since forming in 2001. Their latest release is "Secreta Obscura Mysterium" which we will be going over today. From what I have heard so far on this album, I cannot find any faults. The first track is a short intro named "Alpha" that sets a dark and bleak tone for the album. The second track "Tenebrae" sounds like old school Black Metal mixed with modern. The drumming from Gumba on this song is exquisite. The next song on the list is "Iter Resurrectionis" and it is Black Metal in it's purest form. I really enjoyed the vocals from Namtaru as well as the bass played by Lykos. What really stood out to me though were the guitars played by Sephiroth and Czernobog.

"Infans Lunae et Lactens Astrae" is really fast paced and hits really hard. This is one of the best songs on the album by far if you enjoy Black Metal. They really went back to the roots of what Black Metal used to be. "Ater Templum Aurum" will have you doing the windmill headbang as soon as it kicks in. This song is really angry and energetic. It kinda makes me wanna go burn down a church...

"Fetus in Altari Serpentis" is one of the more atmospheric songs I have heard so far. I don't know what it is, but this song is absolutely beautiful. It's everything I love about black metal all rolled into one song. "Ex Caverna Intro Solaris" reminds me of BATHORY mixed with a little BETHLEHEM. It's a pretty good song through and through. "Angelus Exterminatus" is as evil sounding as Black Metal comes. It has an overwhelming sense of anger and despair. For many of you I bet you will absolutely love this one. The only thing that threw me off was the guitar solo that came out of nowhere.

"Gloriam Mysticum Matyrium" is the best song on the album by far! This song is absolutely epic! I really wish this had been in the middle of the album instead of the end, but that is the only complaint I have with this album. The final track is an outro called "Omega" which subtly wraps things up for us. The album as a whole is really good. Looking forward to listening to it for a while to come.

7 / 10









"Secreta Obscura Mysterium" Track-listing:

1. Alpha
2. Tenebrae
3. Iter Resurrectionis
4. Infans Lunae et Lactens Astrae
5. Ater Templum Aurum
6. Fetus in Altari Serpentis
7. Ex Caverna Intro Solaris
8. Angelus Exterminatus
9. Gloriam Mysticum Matyrium
10. Omega

Lunatic Affliction Lineup:

Lykos - Bass
Gumba - Drums
Sephiroth - Guitars
Namtaru - Vocals
Czernobog - Guitars

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