Revelations Of The Sacred Skull


LÜGER is a band from Montreal, Canada who claim to be the torchbearers of Savage […]
By Michael Pataky
March 3, 2023
Lüger - Revelations Of The Sacred Skull album cover

LÜGER is a band from Montreal, Canada who claim to be the torchbearers of Savage Rock and Roll. Jim and Hugo were in a garage/surf-punk band and decided to form a Heavy Metal band. Alex is the new addition to the band for 2023, the rest of the members have been together since 2015. They released two cassette-only albums, "The Lethal Tape" and "Hellraisers Of The Waste" in 2016 and 2018. Their first vinyl release was "Cosmic Horror" in 2020. "Revelations Of The Sacred Skull" is their fourth release in February of 2023 via "Heavy Psych Sounds".  Luger describes the album as an urban spaghetti western journey soaked in occult heavy metal, punk, witchcraft, and debauchery.

"Black Acid" starts with a spoken intro and moves into a sludgy mid-tempo rocker with evil vocals, good solo's and even a mid-song mini drum solo. Shades of early black metal.  "Motörcity Hellcats" in the bands words is a "Love Letter" to the heroes of the 60's and 70's Detroit rock and roll scene. In your face vocals with a punk attitude. "Night Of The Serpent Woman" starts slow and doomy, with haunting vocals, and then speeds up in the middle, with screeching guitar riffs, and finishes where it started. "The Sacred Skull" starts with a slow, doomy instrumental and then moves into hyper-speed for this thrashy occult themed song.

"Filthy Streets" is a more traditional doom song from the early days. The guitar riff chugs along in front of a strong rhythm section. The song changes pace at the end and finishes with guitar dominated instrumental. "Toxic Sludge" is another song paying tribute to the 60's and 70's Detroit rock scene, with an apocalyptic theme. "Vipere" is tribal instrumental with a tinge of surf music that could come from a movie soundtrack. "Bloodmoon" is another fast, loud & heavy piece of outlaw rock and roll that will take you back to the start of Black Metal. "The Rise Of Witchcraft" finishes out the album starting with an ancient medieval guitar riff and keyboards. It then proceeds into a full throttle doomy, sludgy, rocker.

"Lüger" themselves have put out many descriptions of "Revelations Of The Sacred Skull". They include a "wild ride straight to hell", "an urban spaghetti western journey soaked in occult heavy metal, punk, witchcraft and debauchery". They claim they are standing where heavy metal and punk are crossing swords. On thing is clear, there is just not one simple way to describe their music. They cover genres from the 60's, 70's and 80's. When you listen to the album, it will be clear which bands inspired them. If you are interested in any of those genres, it is worth giving this album a spin.

8 / 10









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"Revelations Of The Sacred Skull" Track-listing:

1. Black Acid
2. Motörcity Hellcats
3. Night Of The Serpent Woman
4. The Sacred Skull
5. Filthy Streets
6. Toxic Sludge
7. Vipere
8. Bloodmoon
9. The Rise Of Witchcraft

Lüger Lineup:

Jim Laflamme - Vocals/Guitar
Alex Bigras - Lead Guitar
Frank Mackin - Bass
Hugo Desmarais - Drums

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