Monoliths of Wrath


LUCIFUGE has been around since 2016. In that time they have released one demo, three […]
April 11, 2023
Lucifuge - Monoliths of Wrath album cover

LUCIFUGE has been around since 2016. In that time they have released one demo, three EPs, one split album with BUNKER 66, and five full-length albums. "Monoliths Of Wrath" is their fifth and most recent album. This album contains ten regular songs and one bonus track throughout its thirty-eight minutes. On this album, LUCIFUGE plays blackened thrash metal that is blisteringly fast, with plenty of excellent riffs. "Monoliths Of Wrath" gets off to somewhat of a slow start. The first half is fine, but the second half is where the album shines. "Visions Of Death," the fourth track, is the best one on side A. It starts with a great intro riff, then, before you can properly react, the track continues with an even better riff. When they aren't blowing your mind with well-crafted riffing, they are playing as fast as they possibly can. Equinox's vocals are raspy, have a hint of reverb, and sound somewhere in between those of John Tardy of OBITUARY and David Vincent of "Covenant" era MORBID ANGEL with a black metal style.

From tracks six through ten, the album is solid gold. Track six, "Dissolving Into God," starts with a lively thrash intro that gives way to a chugging rhythm guitar riff while the lead guitar plays complementary high notes. Another killer, bouncy thrash riff comes along before everything gets much faster, evolving into a speed black metal frenzy. The vocals by Equinox are faster on this track than on any of its predecessors. The lead guitar solo is nice, but the rhythm guitar riffs are the best thing about "Monoliths Of Wrath." The next track, "The Art Of Putrescence," has a great bass line from Mattoralix. The majority of this track is chock full of tasty, commanding, complex riffs that become more simplified while Equinox sings. The instruments are well-layered, and there's even a noteworthy part where a riff begins in only the right channel, and when the rest of the instruments join in, both channels are roaring together once more.

"Resources Of Self Destruction" begins a bit slower than the others. The bass guitar is more prominent, and after a short ramp-up to mid-tempo, Equinox lets out a grunt, and it's on! The speed black metal is fast and feral, while the lead guitar plays a higher-pitched countermelody. This is a track that ebbs and flows with ease, adding a much-needed sense of dynamism. "Physiognomy Of Failure" starts with a catchy intro before letting loose with a great fast riff. It was about this time when I noticed just how warm and inviting the rhythm guitar tone is. This is true across the entire album and is a testament to its wonderful production. Throw in some galloping triplets for good measure, and this song becomes a high point for this album. The final track, "The Path To Perdition" comes out swinging with a blast of speed black metal. Next comes a heaping dose of blast beats. The rhythm guitar riffing is faster this time around, only slowing in a couple of places for effect. Eqinox's vocals take on a shouty character on this track, and it works most of the time. After the final slow point, the next riff is truly inspired while the music ramps back up to full speed for the song's conclusion.

"Monoliths Of Wrath" kind of stumbles out of the gate, but once their signature formula has been established, they can do no wrong. While not as dissonant as most black metal, the blackened thrash from LUCIFUGE rises to great heights, the likes of which are only surpassed by the mighty GOATWHORE. If you like the blackened thrash that GOATWHORE puts out, but wish they had catchier riffs, then LUCIFUGE's "Monoliths Of Wrath" should be a no-brainer.

8 / 10









"Monoliths of Wrath" Track-listing:

1. From Cosmos to Chaos
2. The Cult of Infinity
3. Before the Altar of Famine and Desire
4. Visions of Death
5. Enemies of the Sun
6. Dissolving Into God
7. The Art of Putrescence
8. Resources of Self Destruction
9. Physiognomy of Failure
10. The Path to Perdition

Lucifuge Lineup:

Mattoralix - Bass
Dominatrix - Drums
Berenjenix - Guitars
Equinox - Vocals Guitars

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