From the first discordant riff of “Gates of the Eternal Night” to the last fading echo of “Cursed to Eternity,” this album is relentless and furious.
June 3, 2024

Single member bands have a lot going for them. 1) Inherent internal consistency. Except in the case of schizophrenic multi-instrumentalists, single member bands seldom have artistic differences with themselves. 2) Fewer ways to cut the royalties. Sure, you still have all the other costs and expenses, but the net profit is only divided by a denominator of one. 3) Simplified studio logistics and scheduling. I’m guessing it’s easier to get one artist to the studio on time than three or five.

With that said, you’d expect single member groups to be more productive than multi-member groups. That’s my theory, at least, and it seems to be proven by LUCIFUGE, aka Equinox, who has put out three EPs, one split, and, as of May 24, 2024, six full length LPs. And while their style has evolved over time—including their full line-up trial on “Infernal Power”—the consistency album-to-album and track-to-track has been unwavering. “Hexensabbat” is the latest full-length studio album from LUCIFUGE, and it is as savage and blessedly dark as their first release in 2018.

“Hexensabbat” includes ten blazing tracks of scorching Blackened Thrash. There are no Atmospheric intros or outros, no acoustic interludes, no spoken word narratives. From the first discordant riff of “Gates of the Eternal Night” to the last fading echo of “Cursed to Eternity,” this album is relentless and furious. On the downside, it also isn’t terribly innovative . . . but the reputation of LUCIFUGE doesn’t stand on experimentalism; it’s old school soul-scathing Black Metal. And that is what they deliver on “Hexensabbat.”

Production values have a definite analog vibe while still having depth and solid separation; lyrics are all hostility and ruination; performance across everything from drums to bass to guitars to vocals is excellent—which is rare with multi-instrumentalist as they tend to flare in or two instruments and suffer severe mediocrity in the rest. This isn’t the case with Equinox. I’m not claiming he’s a savant of all tools of the BM arts, but he is damned good.

Standout tracks include “Enter the Realms of Death.” The center breakdown on this track is worth the cost of the entire album. Just fucking massive. “The Sign of Cain” with its NWOBHM flourishes and melodic tendencies also rates high on my list as does the final track, “Cursed to Eternity” which is more Black than Thrash with a less frenetic tempo and more meditative phrasing. 

This is the third LUCIFUGE album I’ve had the pleasure to review over the last several years. I can safely say they aren’t evolving their sound to new heights so much as refining it down to its core essentials. While everyone will have their favorite LUCIFUGE album, I’m of the school that their best is yet to come and what we have on offer now should be savored.


7 / 10









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"Hexensabbat " Track-listing:

1. Gates of the Eternal Night

2. Enter the Realms of Death

3. The Court of the Profane

4. No Sun Shall Rise

5. Into Eternal Sleep

6. The Sign of Cain

7. An Oath of Blood and Fire

8. Enter the Realms of Death

9. They Come in Legions

10. Cursed to Eternity


Lucifuge Lineup:

Equinox – Drums, guitars, bass, vocals

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