Children Of The Night

Lucifer's Fall

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LUCIFER'S FALL; signed via Morbid […]
May 8, 2023
Lucifer's Fall - Children Of The Night album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LUCIFER'S FALL; signed via Morbid And Miserable Records, hailing from Australian grounds - performing Doom/Heavy Metal, on their 4th EP entitled: "Children Of The Night" (released April 7th, 2023). Since formation in 2013; split up in 2022 judging the Metal Archives encyclopaedia page, the quintet in question have a vast catalogue in their discography so far of which consists of 3 demos, 2 full-length studio albums, 2 live albums, 5 splits, 2 compilations and 4 EPs in their discography so far - of which I am introduced to their 4th entitled: "Children Of The Night". 5 tracks ranging around 25:48; LUCIFER'S FALL arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Doom/Heavy Metal culminations.

Opening up with this spoken word ritual; the titular track starts the record off with ominously jarring droniness... as distinctively distinguished distortion amplifies with sturdy thuds of tight rhythms on a concretely gritty density... as a doomy tonality reverberates speakers with rumbling snares of scouring malice & sulphurous yet groovy distilment in chunky instrumental catchiness. The Deceiver on vocals uproariously yells with throaty raspiness & guttural grumbles, as his pipes soar with venomously virulent growls amongst a distinctively distinguished panache of transparent foreboding... in which ramifies with monolithic tempo whilst meaty guitar hooks from twinning maelstrom riffers Heretic/Invocator revs their steel with rollicking grooves as a dexterously dynamic virtuosity utilises this versatile vehemence that's most organic.

A concretely gritty flamboyance in desolate desegregation crafts a menacing manifestation on rampantly rompy nimbleness, where this strident volatility on sulphurous grinds attribute in a bludgeoning frolic in galloping chugs within "Doom In The Grave"... as a fluid distilment injects an infectious yet venomous slab of solidly swampy rhythms & profusely robust firepower expertise that's rather symbolic whilst rambunctiously piledriving, especially in the sonic renegade of the momentous strife of the rapidly swift snappiness called "Fight With The Beast". The Hammer slams the set with punchy tightness & weighty ruthlessness, while the towering systematic synergises... which merges the doomy atmosphere with trembling pursuits of hefty Heavy Metal malignancy which gives a salubriously nice touch in headbanging musicality that's raw and rough all around... profound within the penultimate rager "Judgment Day".

With the motoring relentlessness toned down again a bit; "Lucifer's Fall" fabricates a dark but experimental hybrid in harmonic instrumental calamity, overall concluding the EP with jumpy finesse amongst an ethereal forge to it... bottom line, I am compelled to say that LUCIFER'S FALL most surely outdone themselves with this new EP "Children Of The Night" and forged an enriching but enjoyably entertaining Doom/Heavy Metal experience should you fancy a healthy dose of these fused subgenres in general. Worthy of spinning & replaying a good couple of times until the next release, do check it out.

8 / 10









"Children Of The Night" Track-listing:

1. Children Of The Night
2. Doom In The Grave
3. Fight With The Beast
4. Judgement Day
5. Lucifer's Fall (2022 Version)

Lucifer's Fall Lineup:

Deceiver - Vocals
Heretic - Rhythm Guitar
Invocator - Lead Guitar
Cursed Priestess - Bass
The Hammer - Drums

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