Mistro - DEMO

Lucid Fear

Well, definitely not my cup of tea but a good Demo in general. Lucid Fear […]
By Michael Dalakos
January 25, 2006
Lucid Fear - Mistro - DEMO album cover

Well, definitely not my cup of tea but a good Demo in general. Lucid Fear have an easily readable logo (thank god) and they seem to worship bands like Dimmu Borgir, old Cradle Of Filth and... well you get the picture. The half A4 info sheet I got sent me to their website for more info but the site was one of the least informative ones. So no spicy details about the sexual activities of this band (sorry, guys).
Their EP titled Mistro contains six songs (though only five are mentioned in the print) and first thing that I managed to notice was the great production. Yeah, I strongly believe that Mistro is overproduced and thumbs up for that. From there on things are as expected to be. Most of the time the material runs in a fast pace, though there are many breaks and technical parts, though the keyboards are not the dominant specie in here they play an important role in the bands music. The presence of two vocalist (male and female) tends to become a bit of clichι nowadays but at least it adds a lot of flavor in this piece of work.
All in all this can best be described as mainstream (!) symphonic black metal that will definitely make a click to the fans of the bands I mentioned in the beginning of this presentation. Though I don't think it is something amazing or ground braking it definitely can be considered as a very good piece of work.

"Mistro - DEMO" Track-listing:

Greef For My Death
Psychic Detorioation
Tinder I Blalyst Morke

Lucid Fear Lineup:

Cathrine - Vocals
Henrik - Vocal & Guitar
Cato - Drums
Espen - Bass
Bjorn Erik - Guitar
Stig - Synthesizers

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