Prometheus - Sympohnia Ignis Divinus

Luca Turilli's Rhaphsody

With "Prometheus - Ignis Divinus Symphonia" everything is over-the-top and massively pompous, this is a […]
July 24, 2015
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Prometheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus album cover

With "Prometheus - Ignis Divinus Symphonia" everything is over-the-top and massively pompous, this is a new sonic frontier that we have crossed and nothing will be as before after that !...We are reaching a higher step in the ever-growing increment of the excessive madness, the broken threshold, in this overproduced mania created in a pandemonium of synthetic sounds is now pulverized forever...The fast blast-beats tempos/The majestic choirs and the sublime Symphonic Orchestrations are pushed at the max...The talented vocalist Alessandro Conti is still impressive, he's still at ease when he's reaching some of those stratospheric notes...Of course the ultra competent instrumentalists are playing their heart out, tearing-up apart with some impressive virtuosic performances, delivering a few incredible licks, with as only limit; the megalomania of the mastermind, the Italian maestro, the one and only, the iconic Luca Turilli...This is not a critic it's a fact!

However, concerning this album, I'm in a weird mixed bag of emotions, the most hitting singularity is the desincarnation of the music, in the second phase you could felt almost apart from the sound-blasting from your speakers, like an intangible impression and a quite sensitive but weird experience, the unconscious feeling of de-materialization is set in the opposite of the organic sensation of what Rock music is all about...Of course, "Prometheus - Ignis Divinus Symphonia" is not what you could call "Rock" anymore, but the fact is that Luca Turilli's Rhapsody has crossed the rubicon and maybe pushes all the things a little too far.Now gone forever, is the early flamboyance the authenticity, the naivety and the purity of their past studio-works...The old crafted art has leaves the room for anti-industrialism made of soundscapes built with computer/special FX/hi-tech software & money!

On the flip side, the Epic "Prometheus - Ignis Divinus Symphonia" could be rated as one the best album in this style, the rendition of this Sci-Fi Cinematic Metal is at its paroxysmic absolute, the perfection in the layers of textured and grandiose sounds is unquestionable and finally the goal of many years of intense work and perhaps the lifetime obstinate focus of Mr Turilli could be heavenly fulfilled, it could be perceived as the album of the year if you are in the same state of mind as him! It could be exaggeratedly called outrageous, plastic, bombastic, thrilling, adventurous or predictable...At least, It won't leave nobody cold!<

7 / 10


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"Prometheus - Sympohnia Ignis Divinus" Track-listing:

1. Nova Genesis (Ad Splendorem Angeli Triumphantis)
2. Il Cigno Nero
3. Rosenkreuz (The Rose And The Cross)
4. Anahata
5. Il Tempo Degli Dei
6. One Ring To Rule Them All
7. Notturno
8. Prometheus
9. King Solomon And The 72 Names Of God
10. Yggdrasil
11. Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall Part II: Codex Nemesis
  I.  Codex Nemesis Alpha Omega
       II.  Symphonia Ignis Divinus (The Quantum Gate Revealed)
       III.  The Astral Convergence
       IV.  The Divine Fire Of The Archangel
       V.  Of Psyche And Archetypes (System Overloaded)

Luca Turilli's Rhaphsody Lineup:

lessandro Conti - Lead Vocals
Dominique Leurquin - Guitars
Luca Turilli - Guitars/Keyboards
Patrice Guers - Bass
Alex Landenburg - Drums

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