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Love N War

According to the Urban Dictionary, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love […]
By Johnny Jackal
May 25, 2016
Love N War - Up The Annie album cover

According to the Urban Dictionary, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and war. The rules of hard play are acceptable in war. In someone's eyes "all is fair in love and war"; in other words, in a war between love and hate, anything is acceptable.

Well, it's also the name of a very good Hard Rock Band from the good ole USA - something that doesn't come across very often and can be considered as outdated by many; they are also releasing a new album this summer and I can't wait to hear it!

The first song of the album is "Love N War". It sounds like some early JUDAS PRIEST, anything before "Painkiller" to exact, and is one hell of a great opener to be perfectly honest.

The second song is "Save Me". It's a very catchy tune and reminds me a lot of the eighties Hard Rock scene; like some good MOTLEY CRUE or very early SKID ROW. This might be the catchiest song of the album.

The third song is "Revolution". It sounds like PANTERA would if they ditched Heavy Metal and did some eighties Hard Rock. It definitely sounds more commercial than anything that PANTERA ever did in their career!

The fourth song is "Six Feet". This has one great catchy chorus and a lot of pure energy. They sound like they are really having fun recording this one. It sounds like the DIO era of BLACK SABBATH; especially an album like "Dehumanizer". Though, the song is much faster than this classic album in my honest opinion.

The fifth song is "710 Groove" - which is another song that sounds like a track from the "Dehumanizer" album by the forefathers of Metal.

The sixth song is "Dead Man Walking". The vocals remind me a lot of Ian Astbury from THE CULT but the guitar solos sound a lot like PANTERA. I was listening to a lot of Classic Rock radio during the past week and they play a lot of newer stuff as well, and this sounded a lot like the new CAGE THE ELEPHANT song that was playing on a constant basis.

The seventh song is "Hungry". It begins with some really solid drumming and one jamming bass solo. I thought this sounded like "Sword of Damocles" off the last JUDAS PRIEST record. The opening reminded me of this a lot, and the slowness of the song as well.

The eighth song is "Freakshow". This is the weak point of the album. This singer tries to rap and it does not sound good at all. It sounds like if Layne Staley tried to do some rap with FAITH NO MORE circa early 90's. Not good at all!

The ninth song is "Meltdown". If KING DIAMOND decided to some Hard Rock, well, it would sound like this! The singer lacks that drive and emotion (and the balls to the wall screeching of KING DIAMOND) but it is still a solid effort!

The last song is called "The Haunting". It starts off with an excellent instrumental intro with some backing vocals. It sounds like something from a movie. Lately I have been listening to a lot of earlier HELLOWEEN albums (because I went to see them in late February actually) and I thought this song was eerily similar to one of their forgotten classics: "The Time of the Oath". From the bass line to the guitar solo, it was almost a carbon copy. Given that this song is one of my favourites from them, I'll let this one pass!

Overall; a very good album with a modern twist!

8 / 10









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"Up The Annie" Track-listing:
  1. Love N War
  2. Save Me
  3. Revolution
  4. 6 Feet
  5. 710 Groove
  6. Dead Man Walking
  7. Hungry
  8. Freakshow
  9. Meltdown
  10. Haunting
Love N War Lineup:

John Adams - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Vandenberghe - Lead Vocals
Donnie Bragg - Drums
Ray Soliz - Bass Guitar

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