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Louder Than The Dragon Part II

LIMB just released the second part of their Louder Than The Dragon compilation / introductory […]
By Michael Dalakos
December 17, 2005
Louder Than The Dragon Part II - The Essential Of Limb Music Products album cover

LIMB just released the second part of their Louder Than The Dragon compilation / introductory to the label's bands. Not one minute to waste, let's check this out song by song...
Black Majesty's Silent Company: this song comes from the band's second album, Silent Company, released in 2005. These Australians carry a heavy Iron Maiden / Queensryche vibe in their song. Check them out, both albums they have are really good.
Casus Belli's I'm Your Master: Greek Heavy Metal heroes recently released their second album titled In The Name Of The Rose. This is a bit in your face compared to their first album but still quite good. Panos Dedes is an amazing singer.
Cryonic Temple's In Thy Power: typical speed Power Metal with high pitched vocals that simply doesn't make any sense to me. This song comes from the same titled second album of the band, In Thy Power, released in 2005.
Domain's The Great Rebellion: their singer and generally the style of the song bring in mind the glorious days of Mr. Gary Moore so... respect! A good song but with an average refrain.
Dungeon's The Power Within & Resurrection: the songs come from One Step Beyond and Resurrection. This Australian band has had more lineup changes than Malmsteen's solo career. Their style however is quite good, especially the first song has a stunning refrain. A bit old school but ok.
Eldritch's Forbidden & Come To Life: Italian impressive prog / technical masters are represented by two songs, the first one coming from the 2004 release, Portrait Of The Abyss Within, that simply kicks ass. On the other hand, I am not sure where Come To Life comes from so... maybe from their next album? Not sure about this.
Eternal Reign's Light The Light: these Germans lost their direction somewhere down the road. Their debut was a stunning melodic Metal piece of work, bringing in mind Queensryche while their album Forbidden Path through LIMB is typical Power Metal. Next please.
Galloglass' Burden of Grief: if these guys play any faster, they will travel in time. They simply kick ass all the way. The song comes from their latest album, Heavenseeker. Fans of mid period Blind Guardian should definitely check them out.
Godiva's Hellraiser: from the band's brand new Call Me Under 666. Not a bad song but I have heard this style like 666 times before. Next...
Gun Barrel's Dear Mr. Evil: apart from the hilarious production and the I wanna be Lemmy vocal lines, this song is simply bad. I hope Bombard Your Soul, the band's latest album, doesn't suck that much because I intend to listen to it.
Icycore's Watchdog & Virus: ah, here's a band that made a huge impression on me. These Italians really delivered an interesting Progressive Metal album back in 2004 titled Wetwired. This is not the best song off that album but definitely shows the band's abilities in technical skills and really heavy shit. Invest.
Olympos Mons' Seven Seas: not bad but has a lousy keyboard sound. Too happy for my taste. Their debut Conquistador was released back in 2004. Next...
Pagan's Mind's Enigmatic Calling: they hail from Norway and they play Progressive Metal. I rest my case. Their new album is another magnificent piece of work, probably one of the best progressive releases for 2005.
Wizard's Fire And Blood: old school speed Metal, the same way Helloween played 2569 years ago. Some people are suckers for this style. Sorry, not my cup of tea.
In conclusion this is a rather complete collection / introduction to the LIMB catalog. It is also quite lengthy (77 minutes). Would you give money for this? I won't - but if it falls into your hands, check it out, it's worthy of your time.

"The Essential Of Limb Music Products" Track-listing:

Black Majesty - Silent Company
Casus Belli - I'm Your Master
Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power
Domain - The Great Rebellion (Edit)
Dungeon - The Power Within (Edit)
Dungeon - Resurrection
Eldritch - Forbidden
Eldritch - Come To Life
Eternal Reign - Light The Light
Galloglass - Burden Of Grief
Godiva - Hellraiser
Gun Barrel - Dear Mr. Evil
Icycore - Watchdog & Virus
Olympos Mons - Seven Seas
Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic Mission
Wizard - Fire And Blood

Louder Than The Dragon Part II Lineup:


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