Violent Outbursts and False Accusations

Lost Psychonaut

Hailing from Southwestern Pennsylvania, LOST PSYCHONAUT rides the riff while belting out tasty melodies to soothe your tortured soul with bounds of groovyness.
April 22, 2024

From the EPK: LOST PSYCHONAUT was conceived in the western Pennsylvania city of Connellsville around 2018 or so. The exact date is kinda fuzzy. In the beginning we were a three- piece with Justin Erb on guitar and vocals, Tristan Triggs on drums and Garrett Twardesky on bass. The three grew up playing music together in a variety of bands including the Pittsburgh sludge band VULTURE. Breaking free and deciding to do something a little more rock and roll with a groove and atmosphere of heaviness with the likes of DOWN, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and BLACK SABBATH. After writing a handful of songs and picking five to record in 2019 at the area’s classic Tonic Studio in McKeesport, just outside Pittsburgh and self- releasing their self-titled EP in February of 2020, a month before the pandemic shut everything down. Unfortunately, unable to support the recording “live” but getting a modest amount of attention from some positive reviews. During the dark days of the pandemic, they added a second guitarist Tim Weir and simply concentrated on writing and demoing new songs.” The latest release "Violent Outbursts and False Accusations" will be available through Ripple Music and Bandcamp on May 15, 2024 and is described in the bands words as “more focused and sharpened than our debut EP and is our version of classic rock. This record is what you get when a group of burnt-out metal head musicians try to write something that will stand the test of time.”

The album opens up with the first three tracks “True Defective”, “Addition by Subtraction” and “Death by Misadventure” all having a “stoner rock” vibe but on a much heavier and sexier level as the fuzzy guitars dominate throughout bringing me back to the time period when “peace, love and happiness” were all that mattered all bound up nicely by the muzzily vocals that produce a raw mix of cosmic licks and paradisiacal melodics all sustained by the pulsating backbeat that compliments nicely with the meaty rhythm and grooving riff. “Who I Wanted to Be” delivers a powerful punch as the soulful guitar work takes centerstage and very easily could have transformed into a metal song with it’s hardened, strong beginning riff and gnarly bass beat but never got there and stayed true to the tempo of the psychedelic undercurrent. ”Under the Cold” is a beautiful softened guitar instrumental and I’d almost say it was a filler if it wasn’t done so wonderfully. They could not have picked a better song to end with on “Never Outshine the Master” which delivers a hardened riff and raw, intense vocals that penetrate a galactic sound that booms and swaggers on this well-crafted, jamming rocker partnered with husky riffs and a kick-ass solo, a strong way to finish.

First things first, I absolutely LOVE the title "Violent Outbursts and False Accusations" as much as I love LOST PSYCHONAUT and this album, and after hanging out with them on our Podcast interview, I so want to party with these dudes.

Check out our Podcast interview with LOST PSYCHONAUT at Creativity Talkin episode #535 on YouTube, we talk about the new album, some big announcements and all sorts of crazy debauchery.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Violent Outbursts and False Accusations" Track-listing:


1. True Defective

2. Addition by Subtraction

3. Death by Misadventure

4. Commonwealth of Doom

5. Who I Wanted to Be

6. On the Vine

7. Under the Cold

8. Never Outshine the Master


Lost Psychonaut Lineup:


Justin Erb - vocals, lead and rhythm guitar. 

Tim Weir - rhythm guitar

Garrett Twardesky - bass 

Tristan Triggs - drums


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