Low Ebbs Lament

Lost Orb

Every once in a while you hear a band and wonder where the hell they […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
October 3, 2019
Lost Orb - Low Ebbs Lament album cover

Every once in a while you hear a band and wonder where the hell they came from. That is what LOST ORB did to me when I first heard "Low Ebbs Lament". The one track EP is utterly fantastic. This whole EP is only a little over seventeen minutes long but is truly a powerful work of art. The members of the band are Chris West on Guitar and Bass, Chantal Brown on Vocals and Tony Reed on Drums. This album is very experimental and truly remarkable. The first half of the album will leave you in awe. Everything from the Guitar work to Vocals to Drums are absolutely incredible.

Mostly in the beginning it's reasonably down tempo and almost on the verge of being Doom Metal. It also boasts some really entrancing acoustic parts which were absolutely fantastic. Honestly the whole song is fantastic and something really worth listening to when you're trying to sit down and relax. If you want something to listen to while lying about and just put you in a nice relaxed mood, then this is for you. Either way I really think you should get this and chill out to it!

7 / 10









"Low Ebbs Lament" Track-listing:

1. Low Ebbs Lament

Lost Orb Lineup:

Chris West - Guitar/Bass
Chantal Brown - Vocals
Tony Reed - Drums

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