Dark Dimension

Loss Of Infection

On October 15, 2020, LOSS OF INFECTION released their debut EP "Dark Dimension." LOSS OF […]
By Cherie Wong
December 14, 2020
Loss Of Infection - Dark Dimension album cover

On October 15, 2020, LOSS OF INFECTION released their debut EP "Dark Dimension." LOSS OF INFECTION is a Deathcore and Death Metal band formed January 2019 in South Korea. Before releasing this EP, they released two singles "Venom Prison" (2019) and "The Haunted" (2020). The band cites THY ART IS MURDER, ENTERPRISE EARTH, and CHELSEA GRIN as their influences, and those influences are readily apparent.

The intro track "Dark Dimension" is short but quickly introduces the band's sound: slightly gritty, but technically proficient. With the next track "In The Midst Of Flame", their sound is further realized. Like all Deathcore, this album contains no shortage of breakdowns, chugs, and technical flourishes. There are a few attributes of this record that help this album stand out from the crowd of Deathcore bands. Their straight Death Metal sections are my favorite because of their high energy and pure brutality.

Something that caught my interest while reading LOSS OF INFECTION's band bio was that their music is suitable for Doom audiences, among others. While doom isn't a genre typically adjacent to Deathcore, I can certainly hear the influence. For instance, the first few notes of "Black Earth" remind me of early Death Metal that toed the line between Doom and Death Metal. The atmosphere created throughout the album is one of impending doom, which suits the story told by the album.

It is worth mentioning that though I am commenting on this, it's not a large part of the album. Another recommended audience of this album is fans of Ambient, which is also represented well throughout the album in brief sections, but not a large part of the album. For instance, the end of the fifth track "Fury As Savage" features a classical inspired arrangement and the end of the closing track "Nothing Ends" features eerie sci-fi noises.

Overall, I recommend LOSS OF INFECTION's debut EP "Dark Dimension." I was initially excited to listen to this EP as a South Korean release, since I don't listen to much metal coming from that region of the world. After hearing the EP, I found that I enjoyed it solely for its merits as an album. The album isn't groundbreaking, but it is still a highly enjoyable record. At barely half an hour in duration, it's definitely worth your time.

7 / 10









"Dark Dimension" Track-listing:

1. Dark Dimension
2. In The Midst Of Flame
3. Black Earth
4. Call Of Madness
5. Fury As Savage
6. Nothing Ends

Loss Of Infection Lineup:

이희욱 (Heewook Lee) - Vocals
김설민 (Seolmin Kim) - Guitar
오재협 (Jaehyeop Oh) - Bass
신종욱 (Jongwook Shin) - Drums

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