Los Lugers

LOS LUGERS is a street Hard Rock band from Saragossa, Spain formed in 2005. They […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
December 23, 2013
Los Lugers - Lucifer album cover

LOS LUGERS is a street Hard Rock band from Saragossa, Spain formed in 2005. They have released several albums and the newest one just hit the streets called "Lucifer".

Right from the first fumes of Rock of "Lucifer" it hit me that this the Blue Collar stuff, yet with a cherry vibe of Hard Rock at its truest of forms. There are great energies throughout the riffing and melodies pouring everywhere. Though in Spanish, it would be hard not to notice the catchiness and how reachable the material is. Possibly, this opener is my first choice. "Caida Libre" continues the same attitude while "Búscame" stacks up Rock N' Roll fury with class, showing off an impressive guitar solo. "Sudor Y Napalm" is melodic and highly entertaining tune as the heavy riffs and melody on "S.D.V" reminded me of HEROES DEL SILENCIO. "Lestat", unlike the Hard N' Heavy of the others, shared various of Punk elements.

LOS LUGERS are a true promise in their music field, their youthful spirit is noticeable throughout their music and songs, somewhat cheerful vibe and intense passion towards Rock have been their key rudiments. It would be nice to have a few English language songs as I am sure that those will make a buzz. I'm looking forward on their new songs in the future and wish to see them one day on stage live.

8 / 10


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"Lucifer" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Lucifer
3. Caida Libre
4. Alter Ego
5. Búscame
6. El Despertar
7. Sudor y Napalm
8. Lestat
9. S.D.V
10. Outro

Los Lugers Lineup:

Lex Luger - Guitars / Vocals
Lee - Bass
Eric Lüger - Drums

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