Alchemy of Souls Part 1

Lords of Black

LORDS OF BLACK is a heavy metal band based out of Madrid, Spain and who […]
By Eric Poulin
December 22, 2020
Lords of Black - Alchemy of Souls Part 1 album cover

LORDS OF BLACK is a heavy metal band based out of Madrid, Spain and who have been around since 2014. This is their latest record entitled "Alchemy of Souls Part 1" which was released through Frontiers Records on November 6th, 2020. So originally, I heard about this project because of the involvement of Ronnie Romero, who is now the front man for the legendary RAINBOW and after reading a few reviews on various websites for this latest album, I decided I would also give it a listen.

The album begins with some electronic effects for about 30 seconds before diving into some heavy-duty melodies (I do hear some DIO in here). There is a deep tone in the guitars at times in "Dying to Live Again" and a fairly catchy chorus with multiple voice tracks. As I am sure you will expect, Romero's vocals really stand out, he has a rough edge to his style (think the early days of Yngwie Malmsteen) which makes him stand out from other vocalists. There are also some well-crafted and thought-out guitar solos.

You have a more mid-tempo number in "Into the Black" that reminded me a lot of Jorn Lande and his solo albums. It is definitely more hard-rock than metal and has those hooks we are accustomed to in the genre with the typical slowdown and the quintessential guitar hero solo of course.

I would say if you are more into the power metal side of things (at least in the intro), then I am sure you will enjoy the energetic piece "Deliverance Lost" even if transitions into slower passages (seems to be one of their patterns). It sounds more like a traditional metal song with modern production (the chugging riffs add that layer to the sound). There is a part that stands out with many dueling guitars playing harmonies and a significant moodier tone to the song.

As I have always been a fan of shrieking guitars and a powerful rhythm section, I was pleasantly surprised by "Sacrifice" and its approach to more simplistic rock, with a highly memorable chorus. This song was also released as one of the videos to promote the album and I believe it is one of the best songs on the entire record.

If you have reading my reviews over the last 2 years, I have a soft spot for the slow-developing numbers that are the DNA of epic doom projects and as close as it will get to that genre you have "Brightest Star" which sounds like a cross between ELDRITCH and SORCERER. After the previous song, this is would be my 2nd favorite track on the album.

One song that stands out is "Shadows Kill Twice" because of its slightly progressive structure (think SYMPHONY X), especially due to the piano parts and melancholic guitars that go into PRIMAL FEAR mode and eventually shows off what you would expect to hear from a metalcore band (the slower breakdown-type riffs). It shows that the band can integrate different moods and influences in one song and should grab the interest of power-progressive fans.

The album concludes (before a piano-version closer) with the longest song of the album and which happens to be the title track "Alchemy of Souls", the only one that starts with an acoustic intro, a well-appreciated difference from the rest of the album. Do not let the introduction fool you, this number packs a punch with some heavy bass and low-tone guitars that will rattle our lower extremities. It slowly builds its way to an emotional chorus (similar to CANDLEMASS) and goes through a myriad of heavy riffs and some beautiful piano parts as well.

This record knows how take the essential elements of hard rock and add a layer of heavy metal to it, whether it is by going down the power metal route or by simply slowing everything down a notch. While I would not classify this project as progressive metal, they do bring in some of those influences here and there to keep the songs fresh and modern.

7 / 10









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"Alchemy of Souls Part 1" Track-listing:

1. Dying to Live Again
2. Into the Black
3. Deliverance Lost
4. Sacrifice
5. Brightest Star
6. Closer to Your Fall
7. Shadows Kill Twice
8. Disease in Disguise
9. Tides of Blood
10. Alchemy of Souls
11. You Came to Me (Piano version) 

Lords of Black Lineup:

Tony Hernando - Guitars
Ronnie Romero - Vocals
Dani Criado - Bass
Jo Nunez - Drums

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