Recordead Live (Sextourcism In Z7)


For an outfit like LORDI that has been around since the early 1990s, it is […]
By Joseth Radiant
August 13, 2019
Lordi - Recordead Live (Sextourcism In Z7) album cover

For an outfit like LORDI that has been around since the early 1990s, it is not surprising that its live show is borderline legendary. This was proven with the Eurovision victory in 2006 that showed Europe as well as the world that this Monster Metal act was a true contender for as heirs apparent for heavyweights such as ALICE COOPER, KISS, GWAR, and other groups that heavily used costumes and shtick to both shock and entertain their audiences. Recorded at the renowned Z7 venue in Pratteln, Switzerland during their 2018 tour after their latest release "Sexorcism", this showcases a band that has truly made a unique name for itself.

This marks the first time that LORDI has released a live DVD in the band's history, with each member providing constructive feedback into the whole process. I had only heard of LORDI but had never really felt the need to dig into giving them a listen. I was pleasantly surprised as I listened to each track and found myself smiling and enjoying myself song after song. Every member of the band is firing on all cylinders and it was a blast to hear the crowd getting into the band when they sang along to most of the songs. Credit has to go to the live sound engineer crew that recorded this set. All of the instruments are incredibly balanced and do not require the listener to strain their ears to hear each performance. Whoever recorded this band deserves a massive raise and a pint of beer because they did a fantastic job!

Being a fan of bands that have a great time on stage but don't themselves too seriously, this is a terrific example of how to have fun. Sorry but not sorry to the online trolls who need to chill out, Heavy Metal is supposed to be fun and a bit funny. LORDI is very much aware of this and uses campy schtick to full effect while keeping it slightly creepy and maybe a little unsettling. A band can rarely have the same quality as a really good horror movie and be a kick-ass act at the same time. These Finns have figured it out, and if you are not only feeling a little weirded out but a lot of "holy shit, that was fun", then you need to check your pulse to ensure you are still amongst the living.

The live show is available as a DVD, 2 CD set, and vinyl at all digital and physical outlets. For the massive LORDI fans out there, the bonus material is worth factoring into your purchasing decision. On top of a tour diary, the DVD will have all of the videos the band has ever made. Included amongst them will be the very first video the band ever released for the song "Inferno". It was made in 1994 and was part of Mr. Lordi's final dissertation at film school. To hear that he had studied film and what it takes to make a memorable movie on a professional level should not be surprising as to how his creative vision could be transformed into one of the most exciting live Heavy Metal acts that are active right now. If you're a fan of LORDI, you'll love it. If you're not a fan of LORDI and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is where you can start and get an understanding of how much fun this band is. And yes, as always, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

10 / 10









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"Recordead Live (Sextourcism In Z7)" Track-listing:

1. Sexorcism
2. Would You Love A Monsterman
3. Missing Miss Charlene/House Of Ghosts
4. YourTongue's Got The Cat
5. Heaven Sent Hell On Earth
6. Mr. Killjoy
7. Rock The Hell Outta You
8. Blood Red Sandman
9. It Snows In Hell
10. She's A Demon
11. Slashion Model Girls
12. Naked In My Cellar
13. Rock Police
14. Hug You Hardcore
15. Evilyn
16. The Riff
17. Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein
18. Who's Your Daddy
19. Devil Is A Loser
20. Hard Rock Hallelujah

Lordi Lineup:

Mr. Lordi - Vocals
Mr. Amen - Guitars
Mr. Ox - Bass
Mr. Mana - Drums
Ms. Hella - Keyboards

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